More Important things for Me Than Royal Weddings

Not that I gave a rat’s ass about them to start with.  Hell I never gave a damned about Diana or any of the others who are part of the Royal Spectacle.  I did find Prince Harry revealing the true color of royalty by wearing the Nazi uniform amusing along with his regularly appearing racist tendencies.  Refreshingly honest, I must say….

In one of my comments I mentioned the series of storms the east coast of the US is experiencing.  Hundreds of tornadoes, massive rainstorms, over three hundred people dead…

I grew up in the mountain country of upstate New York.  The town I was born in is in Essex County as is the last town I lived in prior to leaving home.  It has the distinction of being the poorest county in New York state.  There is a book about the county where I spent most of my childhood, except for five years (more on that community shortly).  The book is titled “The Sticks: A Profile of Essex County, New York“. It was published in 1972, some five years after I left Essex County.

When I first went to college I discovered I was a hillbilly.  I mean, we didn’t think of ourselves that way.  I listened to the same music as the kids from New York City and other more prosperous places.  I read the same books. But people from Essex County, who were blue collar working class, who worked in the mines and mills were the northern version of rednecks.

This is part of the reason why I bonded so quickly with the working class red diaper kids from the city.  Class ties…

In the television series “Generation Kill” one of the characters, Ray is of the same redneck/working class background.  People sort of make fun of him and tell him to shut-up.  My favorite line from the whole series is when he shoots back, “You’re just jealous because your mama never took you to NASCAR.”  My equivalent might be, “You’re just jealous because your mama never took you to see Joey Chitwood’s Auto Thrill Show”.

When the people who talk of identity and roots ask, “Where are you from?” I answer upstate New York.  They say, “No we mean your cultural heritage.”  My cultural heritage is mining and mill town working class.  It included BBQ picnics, fishing from flat bottom row boats, going to tractor pulls, barrel races and events where people do insane things with drag racers and strange dirt track race cars.

While watching the Weather Channel and the storm tracking I noticed there was a lot of seriously harsh weather occurring over the area where I grew up.

This morning I learned the area was wiped out by massive flooding.  Roads washed out, bridges wiped out.  People who are well below the poverty level have had their infrastructure destroyed in a state where they have instituted austerity measures rather than tax the shit out of the rich and Wall Street.

Now along with poverty Essex county is in the Adirondack Mountains.  It is filled with beautiful lakes and scenery, much of which is preserved in the form of State Parks and Forests.  This means much of the people’s income is from people who visit. It has become a year around tourist destination, with ski resorts, fishing, boating and historic sites.

The problem is the tourists do not pay the local taxes that maintain the infrastructure.  Without roads and bridges tourism dies.  Without money from tourists how will the people who live in poverty repair the school which was apparently damaged?

So as you can see I might be less than enchanted by the wedding of a pair of useless royals that cost some 100 million pounds.

Fuck spectacles.

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