The Official Justin Vivian Bond

There is an interesting article about Justin Vivian Bond in the latest issue of Out Magazine.

I have always thought Bond was an interesting performer who took her performances beyond the usual tired miming to some diva’s performance.

Some times I get called an elitist for pointing out that there is a difference between TS and TG that isn’t really one of degree. This disturbs many who think that equality of rights, dignity, respect requires us to all be the same and meet some fictional standard sold to us by the media as “mainstream”.

I find the “mainstream” to be boring, I actually like people who are different, iconoclasts, talented and honest.

From Out Magazine:

By Mike Albo
Mon Apr 11 2011

Justin Vivian Bond — artist, songwriter, chanteuse — comes down from her East Village apartment to meet me. He is wearing a casual black ensemble and her soft hair is done in a
reddish tinted bob.
Him? Her? He? She? I’ve known Bond for nearly two decades, and have never felt like I had to classify her as one gender. But I have never written about him. Now here I am, assigned to profile the magnetic performer during the release of her debut album, Dendrophile, and suddenly the English language seems really narrow-minded. Fortunately, a note on Bond’s website provides a guide:


Defining Justin Bond’s gender is no less difficult than figuring out what makes the 47-year-old performer’s cabaret act so compelling. It can be hilarious, heart-wrenching, vulnerable, sardonic, Wiccan, and world-weary all at the same time.

Whether singing about the ancient gender-variant priests, the Galli, as Bond did in the 2010 show Re:Galli Blonde (A Sissy Fix), or performing as Kiki DuRane alongside Kenny Mellman’s Herb as the tragic, washed-up lounge act Kiki and Herb, which launched them both into international notoriety, there is something powerfully both about the performer: masculine/feminine, mordant/fabulous, comic/tragic.

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