Let’s Admit the Truth About American Royals

Only six percent of the American people give a shit about the wedding of two over privilege welfare brats from the UK.  Yet the supermarket tabloids and mags are all front cover peddling the spectacle of this wedding.  Why?  Because  corporate advertisers paid big buck for advertising to run during the coverage that the media corporations paid big bucks to cover.

Wake up folks.  It is junk food for the mind.  Crap to divert your attention from the rich right wing elite who are ass fucking you.

I was appalled when Stephanie Miller came on the Ed Schultz show the other night and desperately pleaded with people to care and watch.

I tell you what I would pay to watch, French Revolution of 1789 redux with modern real life cast of the royals and the rich in a reality show, where each week the elite scum vote which one of their class faces the firing squad.

From Laura Flanders Grit TV: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/04/28-6

by Laura Flanders
Published on Thursday, April 28, 2011 by GRITtv

According to polls, only about 6 percent of Americans are following with any close attention the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  But that’s not stopping the media fascination on both sides of the Atlantic with American’s supposed fascination with Britain’s royals.

“Royal wedding reminds us why we tossed Brits,” ran one letter to a local paper recently. That exorbitant $80 million spent on a medieval style ritual in time of 21st century austerity. It’s shameful. It’s old world. It’s just what Americans fought a revolutionary war to throw off.

And then there are the folks like Rupert Cornwall at the UK Independent who argue hat people in the US love British royals precisely because they don’t have their own real thing.  Gary Younge at the Nation noted that even his liberal friends wanted to know what he, a British citizen, thought of the prince marrying a “commoner.” Oh please.

The only serious and in fact actually quite insidious part about this is that it re-inscribes the notion that the US has no  class.

Really? When the top one percent of wealthiest Americans own 34 percent of the country’s wealth and enjoyed 80 percent of the total increase in wealth here between 1980 and 2005? No class?

As for ruling class? In the UK the commoners keep their royals on welfare. Here we do the same with our corporations. Billions in tax dollars keep them afloat and keep CEOs in mansions. Why not just give them palaces? At least we could keep them open for tours.

Since the Supreme Court has given corporations free speech rights and personhood — how about marriage equality next?

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2 Responses to “Let’s Admit the Truth About American Royals”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    This wedding is very different from normal royal weddings.

    Personally i have no time for royalty, but can respect the ideas of those who like a bit of paegant for a day.

    The street parties are a good thing as it brings a lot of neighbourhoods together for a day. That is a positive thing for everyone.

    This time around an openly transitioning soldier is part of his military guard. She is Williams friend and no one has the balls to challenge him on that, as he is known for standing by his soldier friends wether poor or rich. Leaving aside those invited by the government, quite a few invited to the wedding are his army and student friends. More than one or two of those do not fit in with the WASP ideal to be blunt. Out of 2000 guests of which about 200 are personal invites, some are far from being WASP. About 50 would not even be able to figure out what WASP is.

    Normally I oppose royal weddings.

    In this case there are serious differences, which a lot of people are not seeing.

    There are openly transsexual close friends, gay friends, non white friends, a couple of complete nerds and few eccentrics. The social impact from his deliberate and open association with them, should not be underestimated.

    Also from a business point of view this one is weird. Whoever has organised merchandising has done it in a way that spreads it quite evenly through small shopkeepers in the UK. The corporate cut on this is less than 20% which for a royal wedding is bizarre. It is normally about 90%. A lot of part time staff, stallholders and other staff will pick up a significantly bigger share of earnings than would be expected.

    Also, a lot of independant media are invited. The big networks do not have a monopoly which they have complained about. Al Jazerra, Brazilian, African, Chinese and other networks have full coverage without paying.

    That is why this time around I have not been argueing against this wedding as I normally would. For once it is a bit better and the street parties will help to bring normally seperate communites together, which is the most important thing of all. The street parties really do help social cohesion. Diana’s wedding did a lot for that in the UK, which was unfortunately thrown away by a stupid government.

    Change in the right direction i support. I do not support ideology for the sake of it. Every incremental change in the right direction is a good thing, even those against any ideology I would normally support.

    FOX is going to have fun covering this:)

    I look forward to seeing Bill O´ Reilly’s face covering this:)

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    If this event in the link below comes of, the entire cost will be worth it several times over, at least.

    That is the bigger picture.

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