Iowa Republicans want to ban transsexual/intersex marriage completely

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By Meghan Stabler
April 28, 2011

Reposted with permission

As the fight continues here in Texas to block SB 723 a bill that would remove a court order acknowledging “sex-change” as proof of evidence for obtaining a marriage license I was stunned to learn that the IOWA Republican Party wish to legislate that Transsexual/Intersex (Transgender) Iowan’s can never marry.

Not only does the Plank in the Iowa Republican Party Platform want to ensure that same-sex marriage will never be allowed in the state but they also have this…

6.03 We support an amendment to both the U. S. and Iowa constitutions that states that all marriages should be traditional one natural male and one natural female, omitting transgendered.

What else are they trying to instill based on their “principles” for Family Values?

 We believe that the basis of our laws and our founding documents are rooted in Judeo-Christian values. We believe every human being should have the inalienable right to life regardless of age or degree of dependency including human beings from conception. We believe the family is the cornerstone of society; a traditional two-parent family of one man and one woman is the best environment to raise children.

6.01 We believe that traditional, two-parent (one male and one female), marriage based families are foundational to a stable, enduring and healthy civilization. Therefore, policy must always be pro-family in nature, encouraging marital and family commitment, and supportive of parental rights and responsibilities.

6.02 We call for the repeal of sexual orientation in the Iowa Civil Rights Code and we oppose any other legislation or executive order granting rights, privileges, or status for persons based on sexual orientation.

6.03 We support an amendment to both the U. S. and Iowa constitutions that states that all marriages should be traditional one natural male and one natural female, omitting transgendered.

6.04 We support allowing the electorate to vote on the marriage amendment.

6.05 We support a Concurrent Resolution of the U.S. Congress asserting its Constitutional authority to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in the following manner: “Pursuant to Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution of the United States, Congress has the sole and exclusive power to make regulations and exceptions to the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Accordingly, effective this date, the Congress of the United States denies the Supreme Court appellate jurisdiction over cases relating to marriage.”

6.06 We oppose the State of Iowa, its Courts, and its political subdivisions creating or recognizing a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals.

6.07 We favor improvement, strengthening, and simplification of adoption laws, and oppose adoption by homosexuals.

And elsewhere in the Platform:

4.40 We oppose the teaching of homosexual behavior as a normal or acceptable lifestyle in our public schools.

4.41 We believe that sexual orientation should not be allowed to be a basis for any school clubs, such as the Gay Straight Alliance, at any level of the public school system.

4.42 We oppose the “Bullying Law”.

10.16 We support repeal of state and federal “hate crimes” legislation.

11.08 We support “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

13 Responses to “Iowa Republicans want to ban transsexual/intersex marriage completely”

  1. Marja Erwin Says:

    Apparently, they also want to repeal the 13th Amendment.

    • Suzan Says:

      I think you mean the 14th
      “Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    I made this comment
    before reading this report.

    It is obvious to me now, that a large proportion of US legislators and there voters belong in a mental institution.

    Seriously are people so stupid as to vote for these people?

  3. OII Australia Says:

    Dosnt seem to mention Intersex anywhere. So far as I know they have no intention of denying Intersex the right to marry so long as they do not reject their birth assignment and so long as they enter into what is aparantly a hetrosexual marriage. To conflate transitioning with Intersex is meaningless

    • Suzan Says:

      Over the years I have heard so many claims of Intersex I take all such claims with a serious dose of doubt.

      But that is beside the point the term biological male and biological female is the operative phrase so that leaves anyone who doesn’t match that criteria out in the cold.

  4. Andrea B. Says:

    @ OII Australia,

    There definition of natural woman and natural man in this case excludes intersex. Also they class intersex as transgendered.

  5. Angela Says:

    It’s interesting that you wrote this post just after the one about the British royal wedding. I thought Andrea’s reply was very much what is going on here. A lot of people are happy about this marriage between a royal and a “commoner.” And a lot of people are happy because they get the day off work and can sit around in the sunshine. I wonder whether such an event would be possible in Iowa?
    Even some anti-wedding people are having an anti-wedding street party, which will probably end up being very similar to all the other street partys.
    In yesterdays Metro newspaper there was a spoof best man’s speech which said something like “the royal relationship began as most do, over a see-through dress in a student union bar.” It’s lasted eight years so far though, so it can’t all be bad.

  6. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Marja Erwin and Suzan,

    It is the 13th.

    The question is if it is the original or second version, which no one really seems to know.

    If it is the original then it could be funny as hell from a non-USA point of view.

    Republicans will think this will allow social climbing vermin such as Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbanus to be open with there secretly given royal titles, which are meanlingless.

    Most of the people who own the titles to nobility and land that lost out at independance, do not live in the USA. A large proportion of them live in Ulster (Northern Ireland) and would now be in republican and loyalist families.

    I know of several deeds to nobility with land in the US in my friends homes alone, back in Ulster. They range from a few hundred thousand acres to a few percent of an entire state. They are large sheets in flat glass cases. They are all pre-US independance documents. Most people forget, it was the people of Ulster who were brought into the US to pacify (exterminate) the American Indian people as no one else could handle them. It was also them who handled the worst of the fighting against the English, Spanish and others during the battles for independance.

    The US Republicans could really shoot themselves in both feet, hands and head with this one. When a republican or loyalist from Northern Ireland gets legal title to land, they will fight to the death to keep it and so will the next few generations at least, literally. The entire Appalachian mountain region is related to them with extremely strong family ties, that are in all honesty clan-family based. Republicans could find themselves in a real battle with there own Tea party people.

    As for the version of the 13th banning slavery.

    Fortunately that is not what the US republicans are talking about, but from recent events would sadly not have suprised me.

    Any move to weaken laws and constitutional reforms against slavery would be just plain sick.

    A move like that would make the USA the pariah of the world.

    Regarding recent moves by US legislators, I am beginning to wonder if this is to keep everyone distracted from something.

    These law changes are just idiotic. They are pointless.

    I must check what has went through quietly while everyone has been distracted.

  7. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Angela,

    The whole thing looks like turning into a very big party.

    Pubs, clubs and even parks are staying open all weekend.

    I was really shocked to see the announcement of the planned joint street party in Belfast for the Falls and Shankhill people. I thought at first the journalist was insane.

    If that is pulled of without incident, it will be a major advance for cementing the peace process in Northern Ireland. To me the entire cost of the royal wedding is justified if that is pulled of without incident.

    Even my father who is a die hard anti-royalist is in full support purely because of the potential of getting people from the Falls and Shankhill to sit beside each other for more than a few seconds let alone party together.

    I have friends in glasgow who I spoke to this morning, who had started to party at 9am in the street. The local Pakistani take away is supplying them with Kebab already for free, while trying to resist offers of lots of drinks. That tells me that a lot of good might come out of this after so much strife over bombings and media hyping about ethnic groups in the UK.

    In East Belfast and Lurgan, a few streets have already started the party:)

    Every ex-pat bar in Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Estonai, Latvia, Lithuania, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ireland, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Luxemborg, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Qatar, Dubai, India, and a few other places are all planning on events today.

    Even the Irish bars are rolling out something special:)

    It is not just England that is partying. All of Europe is. The only countries that appears to be working today, are the USA and North Korea. Even the Chinese people who are on an art forum I am a member of, are not working today.

    Half the women on the planet will be glued to the TV to see the wedding dress.

    I have just been phoned by a bar owner in Lund. I have a couple of hours work today in the kitchen, as the owner wants to allow staff a couple of hours each, as tonight will be beyond insane. This could be fun as I am taking three friends with me to work there. One Somali, one Turkish and one Serbian. The four of us are covering breaks, getting paid and have been told we have bar tabs for the night as well. My Somali friend dresses in traditional Somali dress, but drinks guiness:)

    I have a good Polish friend who lives in Amsterdam. She is working 44 hours this weekend from today to monday, serving cocktails in a 5 star hotel in Rotterdam and is getting a full months pay for it. She is visiting me soon as she will have time of.

    Every face painter in Europe is working the entire weekend. They are booked for more work than during the world cup.

    My friends who normally perform fire dancing and other arts at medieval and viking events are all working this weekend.

    Every entertainer is booked up, which is good. That spreads the money around.

    This friday of for everyone and also monday for mayday is turning Europe into a party this weekend.

    Looking forward to it.

    Have a good one.

    • Suzan Says:

      Perhaps it is a British thing. I never gave a rats ass for any of the British Royals. Musical groups, writers, fashion Designers, films and film makers, oh yeah… They are the real royalty in my eyes… Not a bunch of useless over privileged parasites.

      As for us…. In case you haven’t heard we had a storm that in the last 48 hours killed some 300+ people and left a huge swath of destruction.

      Instead of the useless information that the Marketing Media normally passes off as news they have been trying to sell us on the spectacle of anachronistic useless fucks getting married. Thus proving once again what a useless bunch of corporate tools they are. Instead of news they are peddlers of widgets and propaganda.

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