Wisconsin: Walker: Too Many Recalls ‘Makes It Very Hard’ To Get Things Done

Did this Nazi Dipshit actually think people were going to let him get away with instituting full blown Nazi measures in this country?

From Talking Points Memo: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/04/walker-too-many-recalls-makes-it-very-hard-to-get-things-done.php?ref=fpblg

Eric Kleefeld
April 25, 2011

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is criticizing the wave of recalls in his state, which are taking place in the wake of the controversial passage of his anti-public employee union legislation.

Wisconsin Radio Network reported on Friday:

Walker says in the past lawmakers have faced recall elections after instances of misconduct in office and not over a single vote.

“At some point if you have a recall after every vote, you could have those continuously, one-after-another-after-another and it makes it very hard in a Republic for things to get done.”

In fact, as an article from the State Bar of Wisconsin indicates, the four legislative recall elections that taken have place in Wisconsin history were mostly motivated by politics. (Interestingly, one of the recalls was in 1990, against Democratic state Rep. Jim Holperin, who won the election and stayed in office — and who is now a state senator targeted for recall again.)

Democrats are hoping to gain three or more state Senate seats via recalls, and thus win a majority in the chamber. Republicans have responded in kind with recall petitions against the Democrats, targeting the Democrats who fled the state in an attempt to block a three-fifths budget quorum. In addition, under Wisconsin’s recall law requiring at least one year of a term to have been completed before a recall drive can commence, Democrats have openly declared their intention to recall Walker next year.

Thus far, Democrats have filed recall signatures against five Republicans: Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, Luther Olsen, Sheila Harsdorf and Alberta Darling. Republicans have filed recall signatures against three Democrats: Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. More petitions could yet be filed in the next two weeks.

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From The Progressive: http://www.progressive.org/wx042311.html

By Matthew Rothschild,
April 23, 2011

It’s been weeks since we’ve had a huge mass protest in Madison. The failure by the leadership of the labor movement to keep calling people out in historic numbers has given the impression that things are dying down here. This helps Scott Walker and his minions, and it discourages pro-labor people at the base. There is a latent demand for taking to the streets that is not being met, and the power that such a mobilization represents is being allowed to dissipate.

In this vacuum, some organizers have valiantly tried to rally people to the capitol. Groups like Wisconsin Wave have called several protests, but without the institutional support of the state AFL-CIO and its largest members, the crowds have been relatively—and depressingly—small.

To their credit, they did pour resources into these protests, and they got their members out in numbers that no one could have anticipated. Solidarity was real and palpable, as the entire house of labor was present—not only the public sector unions but all across the private trades, too.

And to its credit, the labor leadership saw the value of linking up with progressive organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Against the War.

These were pluses that should not be discounted.

But then, just as the crowds were swelling, all of a sudden the labor leadership seemed to lose interest in mass action.

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  1. nassarine Says:

    It’s only right that the protests have slowed a bit. Dems are more interested, rightly so, in getting the numbers for the recalls. You see, we do our own recalls…we don’t get out of state thugs to do the leg work for us.

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