Royal wedding: Anarchists planning to mar Prince William and Kate Middleton’s happy day

While the working class and underclasses are being subjected to austerity measures we are supposed to be cooing and gooing over the marriage of two way over privileged royal scum.

What part of “No Gods, No Masters” does the Spectacle producing propaganda machine just not get?

Why should the rich be allowed to enjoy their vast wealth and privilege when so many are being forced into misery by the policies that transfer the wealth upwards?

The French revolutionaries in 1789 had it right, so too did the Bolsheviks…

From The Telegraph UK:

Anarchists are planning to hijack peaceful protests against the royal wedding to launch violent attacks in central London.

By Patrick Sawer 9:00PM BST 23 Apr 2011

Police fear a repeat of the chaotic scenes witnessed during the 400,000 strong trade union march against spending cuts last month, when small groups of masked militants attacked shops and banks in London’s busiest shopping streets.

Individuals linked with UK Uncut – the protest group which carried out the invasion and occupation of Fortnum & Masons in Piccadilly, during the TUC march – are planning a headline-grabbing protest against the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton under the slogan “Reclaim the Royal Wedding”.

They want hundreds of disgruntled opponents of the monarchy to mingle with the crowds outside Westminster Abbey and in Parliament Square.

As the ceremony reaches its climax inside the abbey they plan to unveil banners and placards and shout anti-royal slogans.

The protesters, who were banned by police from staging an official protest outside Westminster Abbey, will gather in Trafalgar Square before joining the throngs heading for the celebrations.

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One Response to “Royal wedding: Anarchists planning to mar Prince William and Kate Middleton’s happy day”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    In the UK, if they perform a protest like that it will backfire on them.

    The tax evaders will be laughing there heads of with relief if that protest happens, as the entire UK will turn against UKuncut.

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