On Earth Day, Recognize the Rights of Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day…

Stop Global Warming by starting the process of weaning from fossil fuels. Reduce consumption, recycle, repurpose, reuse.

Don’t reproduce. When possible eat locally.  Stop destroying the oceans, killing whales and end both long line and drift net fishing.

Place strict limits on Carbon emissions.  No fracking, no nukes, no deep water off shore drilling.  No more wrapping everything in non-recyclable plastic “clam shells”.

No more than one child per man/woman.  No serial reproducing with multiple men or women. One Child.

Stop the killing of wolves and whales.  No more blue fin tuna for sushi.

I don’t give a damn if it is your culture, killing tigers and rhinos for some part of them that makes your dick hard should be a capital offense.

If a grizzly or mountain lion attacks a human it is because the human invaded its territory.  You do not hunt down and kill an endangered creature because humans are stupid.

Earth First…  Stand for what you stand on…

And a thank you to the brave warriors of Sea Shepherd…

And a thank you to the brave ninja warriors of ELF…

From Common Dreams:  http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/04/22-10

by Maude Barlow and Shannon Biggs
Published on Friday, April 22, 2011 by People to People Blog

This Earth Day, we need to start envisioning a future based not on exploiting nature but on recognizing that nature has inherent rights.

Ironically, this week also marks the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill, the worst one in U.S. history.

Beyond headline-grabbing catastrophes, every day we dump 2 million tons of toxic waste into the world’s water, the equivalent of the weight of the entire human population.

Every day we literally blow the tops off of mountains to release hidden coal.

And it’s all legal, because under current law, nature is nothing more that human property, like a slave.

But thanks to some innovative thinking by governments, municipalities and indigenous peoples, a wiser mindset is taking hold. And the United Nations has also begun to consider the rights of nature.

This may be the first step toward the adoption of a Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. A companion piece to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, this emerging declaration — which would be backed by enforceable laws around the world — seeks to redefine our human relationship with all other species from one of dominance to one of harmony.

Many places have already begun to change their laws in accordance with this new way of thinking.

On November 16, 2010, Pittsburgh became the first major U.S. city to recognize the legally enforceable rights of nature. Faced with dangerous “gas-fracking,” Pittsburgh’s city council unanimously passed a cutting-edge law that stops gas-shale drilling by elevating the rights of communities and nature above the interests of energy corporations.

Nearly two-dozen other U.S. municipalities have passed similar ordinances, finding that existing laws cannot protect their local ecosystems and, by extension, their human health, safety and welfare.

Canadian communities are also wondering if legally recognizing rights for nature can stop the privatization of their public water systems and halt dangerous tar-sands drilling in the fragile Alberta region.

And these bold municipalities are not alone.

Continue reading at:  http://www.commondreams.org/view/2011/04/22-10

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