Idaho Gov. Butch Otter Signs Executive Order That Will End Medicaid In His State

Is there no measure that can be taken against the hard working middle and underclass Americans that is too cruel for the Republican to take?

What sadistic evil Kochsuckers…

From Think Progress:

By Ian Millhiser
Apr 21st, 2011

Earlier this year, when the Idaho state legislature was considering an unconstitutional bill to nullify the Affordable Care Act, the state’s attorney general issued a stark warning against turning that bill into law. If Idaho passed a law refusing to comply with the Medicaid provisions of the ACA, it could opt itself out of Medicaid:

An additional legal ramification that must be considered as RS 20315 is contemplated is its effect on existing and future Idaho participation in the Medicaid Program. As a purely voluntary program, Idaho’s refusal to comply with the expanded provisions within the PPACA could potentially result in Idaho exiting the program and losing the existent federal matching funds. This could create a situation where individuals presently covered would no longer be covered, yet still require medical treatment, which likely would be required to be provided for and paid for through some non-federal means. This situation, in turn, could create an intense burden on the State’s budget.

Sadly, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter (R) did not heed the attorney general’s warning. Although Otter vetoed a nullification bill attacking the ACA yesterday, he also issued an executive order which effectively forbids his state from participating in Medicaid as soon as the ACA goes into full effect.

Medicaid is an entirely voluntary program in which the federal government provides generous grants to the states to administer a health program for their low-income residents. Yet Otter’s executive order forbids state agencies from implementing “any provisions” of the ACA, and it provides that “[n]o executive branch department, agency, institution or employee of the State shall accept or expend federal funds to implement the provisions of the []ACA.”

The reason why this is problematic is because, starting in 2014, the ACA requires states participating in the Medicaid program to offer health coverage to all persons under the age of 65 who earn up to 133 percent of the poverty rate. In return for expanding Medicaid, the federal government will provide each state with the lion’s share of the funds required to do so.

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  1. quenyar Says:

    It’s just like the French Conservatives who did a study that proved that denying health benefits to people who need them reduces the costs of pensions and their version of social security – because more people die younger. Dead people do not collect pensions or need senior assistance.

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