Home Depot’s disgusting union-busting video

The phrase Uncle Tom comes to mind. Along with a whole lot of Joe Hill, Pete Seeger, Utah Phillips and Woody Guthrie songs.

From Teamster Nation: http://teamsternation.blogspot.com/2011/04/home-depots-disgusting-union-busting.html


The Home Depot, a multi-million dollar corporation, recently created a pathetic anti-union video it will presumably show to new employees. The leaked video is a disturbing example of just how far the War on Workers has gone.

The high-quality, 14-minute clip features over-bubbly employees dressed in The Home Depot garb chirping about why working for the company is so freakishly awesome. They mention great benefits like medical, 401(k) and job security (yeah, right). What they don’t mention are the facts:

• 85 percent of union members have defined pensions—not 401(k)s;

• According to research, the majority of working Americans say they would join a union if they could;

• A strong union contract is the only way to ensure job security.

The video also conveniently forgets to mention serious violations filed against The Home Depot by OSHA in 2010 for “lacking adequate personal protective equipment and deficient injury recordkeeping.” It overlooks a class-action suit brought against the company for failing to provide adequate seating for employees who need it.

Oh, but it gets better. In 2001, The Home Depot paid $10 million to settle a lawsuit claiming it mishandled hazardous material and improperly trained employees who handled that material. The ADA has cited The Home Depot for discriminating against deaf workers. Home Depot CEO Frank Blake was implicated in a lawsuit that alleged numerous instances of abuse, including harassment, falsification of company documents, forgery and retaliation.
Employees in the video talk about Home Depot’s honest, open-door communications policy. They say,

We have a good thing here at Home Depot. You know, unions like to talk about giving workers a voice, but at Home Depot our associates already have a voice.

But they don’t bring up the fact that in 2008, Home Depot Founder Bernie Marcus said any CEO that doesn’t contribute to Republicans opposed to Employee Free Choice “should be shot.” So much for open communication.

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  1. edith Says:

    There is so much wrong w/ Home Depot it is hard to find a place to begin the discussion. Just the sticker on the door at the entrance to every store which says, if you use drugs, don’t even think about applying for a job is telling of the level of trust between labor and management.

    Home Depot is a typical mega monopoly, in the tradition of Walmart, CVS, interstate banks, etc. eating every mom and pop in sight, resulting in centralization, less competition, less freedom of choice,more homogenization, more authority and ability to decide for people how their lives should be lived. In spite of the fact they might be more lgbt/t&i friendly than some other establishments, it doesn’t make them much less dangerous. In spite of their anti-drug policy the people I encounter there are the least informed, least helpful building/gardening/hardware supply people I encounter at any establishment.

    Locally run businesses have much more helpful, much more personable and better informed help, probably because the relationships between people are kept personal when things are run by those with ties to the locality they are working out of. Centralization might be more economically efficient but the level of trust is the price paid for such efficiency. It seems that unionization would be the only way to protect the interests of workers to balance those of anonymous absentee stockholders. Also, in the case of mega monopolies there is an outflow of capital to stockholders that goes out of the states and municipalities where such big box operations are located which is hardly factored into when local revenue deficits are discussed by the pundits.

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