When Pigs Rule

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by David Michael Green
Published on Monday, April 4, 2011 by CommonDreams.org

Imagine you were a pig.

As a pig, you would care about nothing besides getting fat.

If you could get fat by eating the food shares of other animals, you would readily do so.

If you could get fat by eating up your own little piglet children’s future, you would do so.

If you could get fat by eating your whole farm into ruin, you’d munch right through it without another thought.

Indeed, if you could get fat by scarfing up so much food that you literally imperiled the entire planet, you would not only do so, but you would criticize and mock those who had the temerity merely to point out the consequences of your actions and thereby interfere with the conquering of your global comestible empire.

For those of you, like me, who too often find themselves aghast at the state of our nation, jaws dropped to the floor in wonder at the astonishing capacity for American self-destruction, befuddled by the acquiescence of the victims of this pillaging, there’s your answer:  If you can imagine what it would be like to be an amoral, sociopathic, singularly focused, devoted consumption machine – that is, to be a pig – then you get it.  And then you get our America, too.

I can’t tell you how it pains me to write these words.

It pains me in two senses, in fact.  First, as a matter of personal character and conduct.  I think it’s fair to say that the people who know me would report that I am a fairly gentle soul.  I don’t prefer conflict, I almost never seek it out, and I will even sometimes avoid it when it’s stuck in my face – at least under certain conditions and in the short term.  I’m not, that is, the kind of person who feels at all comfortable referring to other people as pigs.

But I do so because I believe emphatically that it needs to be done.  I do so because of the second sense of how I am pained – for my country and for the world.  I do so, with regret for having to, and yet with even more regret that we all aren’t doing the same thing, and doing it with a fierce urgency.  For, is there any question of what has become of us?  Is there any question that the pigs now rule?

No, there is not.  Indeed, the only serious question is why we are so severely detached from reality that this society is really not even conscious of what has happened in any serious respect.  But happened it has.

The top one percent in this country used to, before the regressive onslaught that began with the Reagan election thirty years ago, account for twelve percent of all national income.  Today, they pull down more than twice that, 25 percent.  They used to control a third of all national wealth.  Today they control forty percent.  That’s just one percent of us, one person out of one hundred.

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