Tech Humor Interlude

Today must be my lucky day.  I had to go to Jury Duty.  I got there, signed in, they told me the “perp” plead out, handed me my six bucks and told me I could go home.  Now it is almost 10:00am, a time when like many unemployed bloggers I would generally be using to engage in deep horizontal meditation.

But thanks to caffeine, one of the major staves  of life I am wide awake.

Quenyar raised a most interesting point about Operating Systems.  As I said I build my own computers, I actually have an A+ Tech Certificate and a degree in electronics.  Hardware not software.

And I am not an Apple fan because I don’t like proprietary systems. But I’m also not into screwing around with software trying to get it to run stuff.  Besides I like killing Nazis in Call of Duty.

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  1. quenyar Says:

    More humor, one of those obnoxious California advertisements:

    And the award for the most egregious misuse of English in a commercial goes to a recent California ad:

    Fuchsia Bikini clad woman on poolside chaise lounges chair, takes off her sunglasses, leans toward the camera to accentuate her considerable cleavage, looks earnestly into the lens and says:

    “People have a lot of misconceptions about California, but they’re not true!”


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