Nebraska Denies Prenatal Care to Undocumented Women

More  proof that Republicans aren’t pro-life but are really just woman hating misogynistic racist scum.

From Mother Jones:

By Jen Phillips
Wed Mar. 30, 2011

So much for being pro-life. Nebraska, the state that outlawed nearly all abortions past 20 weeks, eliminated prenatal care for about 1600 Medicaid patients last March. A year later, the results are stark: at least five babies have died and more women are foregoing prenatal care, with sometimes tragic consequences. As the Lincoln Journal Star reports:

At least five babies have died. Women are traveling 155 miles to get prenatal care. Babies have been delivered at clinics, in ambulances and hospital emergency rooms… About half of the women dropped from the program are undocumented. Those babies are U.S. citizens as soon as they are born and will automatically qualify for Medicaid health services upon delivery.

At the Good Neighbor Community Health Center in Columbus, the number of female patients has doubled, and the income for the prenatal program has dropped drastically, said Rebecca Rayman, executive director. Women are coming to the center from 22 counties. Even with shifting money from other programs, the clinic finished 2010 losing $167,530. Four infants died in utero at the Columbus health center, she said. In the previous seven years, the clinic had never had an in utero death.

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One Response to “Nebraska Denies Prenatal Care to Undocumented Women”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    This is twisted.

    Everytime I hear the term pro-life, in the small print it usually translates as pro-death.

    Pro-lifers are a death cult, nothing else.

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