New York City: Suits Dispute City’s Rule on Recording Sex Changes

Once upon a time I would have argued against this.  But now utilizing my new standard paradigm measure of “Will this piss off the Christo-Fascists and Republi-Nazis?” I whole heartedly applaud people for doing this.

And why not.  WTF difference does it make, why should I support rigid rules that deprive people of their rights when it doesn’t in any way harm me.

Left wing hippie standard not right wing fascist standards.

From The New York Times:

Published: March 22, 2011

Two transgender New Yorkers say that their birth certificates incorrectly identify their sex, subjecting them to awkward and humiliating public moments. So they are suing the city to change a requirement that transgender people have genital surgery to get their sex changed — corrected, as they say — on their birth certificates.

The lawsuits, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday on behalf of Sam Berkley and Joann Marie Prinzivalli, argue that the 40-year-old city health code requiring “convertive surgery” to change the sex on a birth certificate is arcane. Convertive surgery has been interpreted to mean the construction of genitalia, according to the lawsuits, brought by the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. A third transgender resident, Patricia Harrington, has not yet filed papers, but plans to join Mr. Berkley and Ms. Prinzivalli.

“For one thing,” said Noah Lewis, a lawyer for the fund, “it’s expensive, and insurance companies often deny coverage for this.”

Mr. Lewis added: “It’s just a highly individual decision about whether you want to have surgery on your genitals. There are risks with this surgery. People might be more inclined to stick with what they have.”

Mr. Lewis said that 80 percent of transgender women and 95 percent of transgender men in New York have not had the surgery required to get their sex changed on their birth certificates, adding that some people are medically unable to have the surgery. Ms. Prinzivalli, for instance, has medical issues that make her susceptible to blood clots that could cause a stroke or heart attack; she has been told she is not a good candidate for surgery, Mr. Lewis said.

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  1. Joann Prinzivalli Says:

    Thanks, Suzy, for putting this up. My most recent medical setback is polycythemia, which means I am more susceptible to deep venous thromboses and related higher risk for heart attack, stroke, etc., making me even *more*of a bad surgery risk than before. I won’t let them cut off my HRT – from what I understand, that doesn’t increase the risk any more than the high red cell count does on its own.

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