Texas Lawmaker Defends Bill That Would Protect Creationists On The Job

No special protections and privileges for ignorant superstitious fucktards.

What upsets me most is how creepy right wing idiots like this one makes it seem like every one here is a Bible thumping moron.

He’s a disgrace to Texas.

From Mother Jones: http://motherjones.com/religion/2011/03/texas-creationism-bill-discrimination

By Josh Harkinson
Mon Mar. 21, 2011

Last week, I wrote about an unusual piece of legislation in Texas that would ban workplace discrimination against creationists. HB 2454 would make it a crime to “discriminate against or penalize in any manner” a professor or student based on his or her “conduct of research relating to the theory of intelligent design.” On Friday, the author of the bill, Republican state Rep. Bill Zedler of Arlington, called me to defend it. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Mother Jones: Are you a creationist?

Bill Zedler: Evolutionists will go “Oh, it just happened by chance.” Today we know that’s false. Today we know that even a single-celled organism is hugely complex. When was the last time we’ve seen someone go into a windstorm or a tornado or any other kind of natural disaster, and say “Guess what? That windstorm just created a watch.”

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    Now it begins.

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