Atheism grows among youth, high school students

From People’s World:

February 18 2011

While religion has found itself in a nationwide downturn, with 15 percent of the American people saying they don’t follow any particular faith, the trend is far more pronounced – nearly double, with a corresponding figure of almost 30 percent – among young people. And, despite pressures from parents and school districts, these youth are coming out.

For the past few years, atheist and other freethinker groups have been putting advertisements on subways, buses and billboards across the country and across the world. Now, the Secular Student Alliance, which already has chapters on 200 college campuses nationwide, announced that it would work to help high school-aged free thinkers express themselves.

The SSA received a grant in 2010, and used the money to hire organizer J.T. Eberhard to help with SSA’s new effort, which would start with establishing local chapters at 50 high schools across the country.

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One Response to “Atheism grows among youth, high school students”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    This is interesting and very good to see.

    People turning away from the judeo-christian-satanist-islamic irrational vengence and hate based ideologies, is a good thing.

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