Knut the polar bear dies alone in compound

When I told my partner about Knut dying she asked if I knew from what.

I answered, “From a  broken heart caused by the pain of rejection.”

From The Telegraph UK:

Knut, the polar bear raised by his zoo keeper after his mother rejected him, has died in his compound.

By Richard Gray 7:26PM GMT 19 Mar 2011

Officials at Berlin Zoo confirmed the four-year-old bear, which became world-famous after being rejected at birth by his mother, died alone in his compound.

Knut collapsed and died in a pool of water on Saturday afternoon as visitors looked on.

The cause of death is not yet clear, but a post mortem is to be conducted on Monday, said bear keeper Heiner Kloes.

Mr Kloes said: “It was a completely normal day: He was with the female bears before, who had just been shut away. Then, Knut strolled around the enclosure, went into the water, had a short spasm and died.”


Weighing just 19 pounds at birth, Knut attracted a wave of media coverage after an animal activist said he should be put down after he and his brother, who later died, were rejected by their mother following their birth in December 2006.

Knut was reared by the zoo, with his keeper Thomas Doerflein bottle-feeding him and strumming Elvis Presley songs for him on his guitar. Doerflein died at age 44 of a heart attack in 2008.

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One Response to “Knut the polar bear dies alone in compound”

  1. Angela Says:

    It’s very sad, the plonkerish comments on the Telegraph website are worse… wooly apologetics for religious heterosexist crap framed as evolutionary biology.
    A zoo is hardly the right environment for a generalist predators that need hundreds of square miles.
    A few years ago there was a poem on the radio which had the line, about polar bears, “and he walks on the outside of his feet.” I can’t remember who it was by but that line stuck in my mind.

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