Recall Effort Gets Personal:

Senator on “Children and Family Committee,” Backing Millionaire Tax Cut and Anti-Employee Bills, Accused of Adultery with Young Former Staffer

From PR Watch:

by Jennifer Page
March 15, 2011

Republican state Senator Randy Hopper now knows exactly what it feels like to have his dirty laundry aired for the world to see. It’s not pretty.

The two-year senator from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is in the midst of efforts to recall him from office for his actions against worker rights and fair procedures, and the Milwaukee-based WTMJ-TV has received a letter from his estranged wife accusing him of having an affair with a young woman he supervised. In the Wisconsin Senate, Hopper serves on the “Children and Families and Workforce Development Committee.”

Hopper’s record in the Senate includes his support for the efforts of Scott Walker, the controversial new governor, to reduce taxes for businesses while cutting rights and benefits of employees. Notably, along with Republican Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Hopper co-sponsored a bill to benefit millionaire businessmen by cutting taxes on capital gains and thus cutting revenues for the state. Hopper’s proposal, Senate Bill 28, sought to change Wisconsin law, which already provided an income tax exclusion for individuals for 60 percent of the net capital gains realized from the sale of assets held for at least one year.

But Hopper wanted even more. Under his proposed law, “an individual; an individual partner or member of a partnership, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership; or an individual shareholder of a tax−option corporation (claimant) may subtract from federal adjusted gross income the amount of capital gain, not to exceed $10,000,000 in a taxable year, realized from the sale of any asset held more than one year” if they invest the gain in a Wisconsin business (with no limitation on that business then paying the millions back to the investor as salary or other income). That is, Hopper sought to use his post in the Senate to allow businesses or CEOs literally to write-off up to $10,000,000 in income to avoid taxes on that income, and that give-away would apply to any number of CEOs and businesses in the state, reducing by millions of dollars the tax revenues needed to pay for essential services and benefits for children and families in Wisconsin. The bill did not pass during his first term in the Senate.

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