What Have They Done To The Rain?

Written by Malvina Reynolds in the early 1960s.  Malvina Reynolds was a San Francisco Bay Area. She was a political activist and socialist, a member of  Women for Peace. Like Pete Seeger, Harry Belafonte and others she stood up for what she believed even during the dark days of the McCarthy era.

I first learned this song about the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It was also about the time Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” came out.

What have they done to the Rain? worked equally well for either the poisoning of the environment with pesticides or by the fallout from nuclear testing.

Joan Baez performed the following version in Japan.

Hubris, hubris… Putting nuclear reactors that close to earth quake faults.  As an atheist I obviously do not pray.  I can only hope these reactors do not  go Chernobyl.


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  1. quenyar Says:

    And well you might, as the fallout from said nukes will come to rest all over the West coast of the US of A. Only fitting, as the plants were built largely by American companies with American technology and designs. More chickens coming home to roost.

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