Why I am a Militant Atheist

The vile blood thirstiness of Christians chortling over the death and suffering of others is a major reason.  For nearly 2000 years they have spread their vile beliefs at the point of a sword murdering millions upon millions, mutilating and torturing people to steal their property, claiming they are doing this in the name of  a god they created (stole) from a dozen other mythical examples of crucified “gods”.  Magic invisible sky daddy is the ultimate torturer and homicidal maniac.

In actuality their god(s) more often seem like evil incarnate with their hatred of humanity and indeed all life forms that share this planet.

People like this insipid fucktard makes me wish there really would be a rapture so we could be rid of this sort of people.

As Pat Condell would say, “Peace.”

2 Responses to “Why I am a Militant Atheist”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    This was classic.

    If ever there was an arguement for abortion and unleashing psychiatrists, she is definately the ultimate excuse.

  2. quenyar Says:

    Video withdrawn, evidently they were ashamed of it, too.

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