Evil Obama Now Firing People For Acting Semi-Human

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11:03 am March 14, 2011

Guess who turned out to be the biggest asshole in the world? Your boyfriend, Barack Obama. The latest outrage in the Bradley Manning situation involves Obama’s direct involvement in the firing of State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley — because Crowley committed the sin of condemning the torture and abuse of U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning, who has been held in increasingly Soviet-esque solitary confinement since his arrest for giving WikiLeaks the diplomatic data that has so far helped topple two Arab dictatorships and launched democratic revolutions in another half-dozen Muslim nations. Anyway, Crowley’s semi-public remarks led to a reporter finally asking Obama about Manning’s awful treatment at Quantico, and Obama sneered and said the insane abuse of this American citizen is “appropriate.” And then Crowley was fired.

Remember, if you just “opt out” of the 2012 presidential election — and by “you,” we mean “all Democrats” — some awful Republican will become president and then none of us will have to “feel bad” about full-scale labor wars and nationwide shutdowns and the complete collapse of the American police state/kleptocracy. Let it collapse! It’s not like your 401k is ever going to hit 2007 levels again, no matter how much of your stretched salary goes into that black hole, year after year. It’s not like there’s a point to any of this!

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5 Responses to “Evil Obama Now Firing People For Acting Semi-Human”

  1. Kate Devlin Says:

    Progressives need to stop supporting the Democrats. Rhetoric aside they are not our friends. Obama was instrumental in getting the 7 billion $ bank bailout passed. He dragged his feet on DADT as long as he could.Unions gave millions to the Dems and in turn the Employee Free Choice Act went no where. The health “care” plan is a siuck (literally) joke.

    The Dems are “Plan B” of the US ruling class
    (and there most definitely is a ruling class). When things go bad, bring in the phony “left” populists. We need to break from the politics of lesser evilism. The only reason Canada has national healthcare is because the working class fought for it independently in the NDP. We need to do the same.

  2. Kate Devlin Says:

    I hope you , your readers, and those involved in trans and lgbt activism can help in the formation of a non-sectarian US Labor Party. That’s what we need, that’s the only way forward, or else another 50 years of neo-liberalism. Leys bring Greece, France, and Egypt to America!

  3. Karen Says:

    The bank bailout was necessary… Without it the financial house of cards that is the monetary system here would have fallen , and a LOT more middle and low income people would have lost their jobs as collateral damage than did.

    That said the financial reform package that was passed afterward was much too weak.

  4. Andrea B. Says:

    @ Karen

    The bailout was not necessary.

    Iceland and Hungary did not bail out the banks. They burned the bond holders and both are now on track to recovery. Hungary will probably join the Euro by 2016 instead of 2018 due to that:)

    I am starting to realise we should have done the same in Ireland.

    Banks need to be split up so that no bank can exceed 1% of GDP of any country.

    Also banks need to be formally banned from speculation, as they were under Roosevelt in the late 30’s.

    To big to fail should be always broken up as a national priority.

    Goldman Sachs is now bigger than ever and will in future create an even bigger crash.

    Also I believe anyone who ever has been, is now or future employees of Goldman Sachs should be banned form being within 10 kilometers of any form of politician, banned from Washington DC and banned from any form of regulatory job of any description wether connected with finance or not.

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    TARP originated under BUSH.

    That’s over and done. As such, we achieve little arguing about it, its merits, who is to blame, etc., etc., etc.

    Today the problem is – Obamush/Bushama, or what ever he/they are called. The “savior” of America, our “HERO” riding in to right wrongs is just another PRODUCT. He is just a commodity sold us, like soap, or detergent, mildew remover, frozen pizza, various and sundry chips, or 2500 calorie fast food.

    There is no “there” there.. He actually is consistent with his (albeit limited) past record. He never was a “progressive” — heck, he isn’t even a “liberal”.

    Always remember — he ADMIRES Ronnie Raygun – a truly “manufactured” president. Then, after Ronnie rode off into the sunset — they manufactured a legend that has no relationship with the truth.

    Lately we have had truly “post-modern-presidents” — there are no ideals, no grounding, no base. Policies built on wishes, legends, temporary “meanings”.

    Shifting sands, or heaving crap.

    Heck, we didn’t want to hear Jimmy Carter when he told us the truth — now we pay the price.

    Welcome to the USA — with leaders who do stupid things, at stupid times, and only give a damn about the RICH.

    As far as they are concerned, the rest of us SHOULD be SERFS.

    Our “leaders” HATE Democracy.

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