Nuke industry spin: Be “reassured” by Japan

From Salon:

As the crisis unfolds, the Nuclear Energy Institute joins an intense PR battle that has already started

By Justin Elliott

Sunday, Mar 13, 2011

As Japan struggles to contain a growing nuclear crisis — with more than 200,000 people evacuated, an explosion at one power plant, and possible meltdowns in several reactors — the American nuclear industry faces a different challenge: how to position itself in the intense public-relations battle that has already started.

This morning I interviewed a spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry trade group, to get a sense of the message being pushed by an industry that, with support from President Obama as well as the Republican Party, has been in the early stages of a renaissance.

The most striking claim made by NEI spokesman Mitchell Singer: Americans should be “reassured” by the crisis unfolding in Japan.

“There hasn’t been any significant release of radiation. So obviously they must be doing something right at this point,” said Singer. While acknowledging that the crisis is still in early stages, Singer argued in our interview, and earlier to the Wall Street Journal, that Americans should be reassured because the industry will learn from the accidents in Japan, where fail-safe systems have themselves failed.

“We share what’s known as ‘lessons learned’ from incidents such as this,” he said.

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One Response to “Nuke industry spin: Be “reassured” by Japan”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    The reactors that are damaged are the oldest in Japan. Some of them were due to be decommissioned and replaced with newer designs.

    There has been no melt downs, regardless of what the doom mongers in the Murdock empire and other irresponsible media outlets claim.

    If the same disaster occurred in the USA, would the US have such a calm and measured response to such a disaster?

    There has been no looting and the authorities have been very efficient and effective in their response.

    I have been very impressed by how Japan has dealt with this.

    Also I watched the spokesman for the Japanese Prime Minister criticise media groups for scarring the ordinary population during an interview, for their misinformation and doom mongering. The BBC suddenly started to have experts who knew what they were talking about and had appropiate experience in the industry, instead of doom predicting lunatics.

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