The Real Class War

I have long pointed out that there has been a serious class war waged against middle class and lower class working people ever since the election of Richard Nixon in 1968.  Even prior to that the history of the US has been a history of class war waged by the rich upon the working people.

This class war has made a mockery of the very idea that people who work for a living are free when we are basically indentured servants, wage slaves dependent upon forces we have no control over.

The hard working people who built this nation on their sweat and blood have been mercilessly exploited by the idle unproductive rich who use their vast wealth to own and control the lives of the working people.

Ayn Rand’s thinking is more poisonous than Machiavelli, it spawned the greed is good ethos of our times which has enslaved more people than any other totalitarian philosophy in the past.

Time to end the neo-liberalism of the “free market” and “free trade”.

Time to end the transfer of the wealth from those who produce the wealth into the hands of those  who exploit the people who create the wealth.

Time to end the dominance of the rich.

Time for the workers to gain control over the conditions of their production and the profits from their labors.

For too long working class people have been called upon to fight wars that profit the rich while turning the working people into murderers of other working people for the benefits of the rich.

For too long class war has been a one sided war waged by the rich upon the poor.

Class war should no longer be just for the rich.

I saw the chart below first on Andrew Sullivan’s blog but he got it from Daily Kos, Greywolfe359, who in turn got it from a Facebook  page “The Christian Left”.

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  1. edith Says:

    Yeah, you really have to go back to the law and order platform Nixon was elected on to understand all the backsliding. It was a shameless exploitation of racial tension and white middle class fear. In one year the human faces of the police department in my small town was transformed into a paramilitary organization with brand new cars with all kinds of expensive gadgets, shotguns mounted on consoles and the cops with three foot riot sticks patrolling any event where there were likely to be groups of teenagers.

    Our town was as white as a five pound bag of Domino refined granulated sugar. Soon after it was completely transformed into a suburban wasteland as a result of white flight from the city I now live in. The Heritage Foundation and all the conservative think tanks were formed around the time of Nixon’s demise. The world Kissinger and later Brzezinski arranged for, both yes men for David Rockefeller, and the policies of those think tanks is what has created the mess we’re living with now. This Daily Kos piece is precious. Thanks for the link.

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