Restrooms and Blood Libels: The Misogynistic Anti-LGBT/T Lie.

I find it highly ironic that people who generally wish to deny women equality on any level (for the sake of the family), deny women control over their own bodies (for the sake of the ovum and sperm, blastocysts) continue to whip out the peril in the restroom red herring they used to defeat the ERA.

These are the same people who blame the eleven year old girl for getting gang raped by adult men.  She was dressed too mature for her age (Hannah Montana and princesses come to mind as do child beauty pageants).

Since when have these douche nozzles given a damn about women’s rights?

Do you think if these douche nozzles cared, I mean really cared about women and their rights, they would be passing mandatory sonogram laws and requiring legal investigations of miscarriages?

Hell no.

What these fucks are about is ignorant bigotry wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible.

Like mindless zombies called forth by Taliban like Christians, people who truly hate women to be anything but slaves and servants to men, in an updated version of Kinder, Küche, Kirche, these douche nozzles have found what they consider to be the magic charm in their battle against women as well as LGBT/T people.

The blood libel of LGBT/T people being pedophiles, sexual deviants drooling in uncontrollable lust over the thought of being able to contaminate straight people and lure them into our “dark jungle of deviance”.

For in their mind’s eye everyone is born straight and no one is ever so uncomfortable in their own body as to have to have sex reassignment, or so uncomfortable in the gender of rearing as to live in the gender they were not assigned at birth.

It must have been the gym teacher, or art teacher, or the lesbian couple on TV, the TG/TS person my child saw. (obvious because she taking her first  clumsy steps in public after a lifetime of denial).

The Blood Libel is the defense of every murderer who sought out a TS/TG sex worker victim, knowing that if he were caught he would have the ready made defense, too often accepted, “The pervert deceived me”, even though I picked her up in an area of town, on a block where all the sex workers are trans, or in a “drag” bar.

A version of the Blood Libel was used in defense of DADT.  The queer in the shower lusting uncontrollably for the bodies of the straights in the shower with him or her.  Never mind that LGBT/T people write in their biographies about the extreme discomfort they felt having to shower with straights during high school.

Pedophilia…  Never mind the level of incest by fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, brothers reported by so many women during the 1970s when feminism meant women standing up for themselves.  Never mind that so many cases of pedophilia are done by religious figures as to cause one to wonder if it is a mandatory part of the Catholic priesthood. Never mind that the people of the town where the rape of the eleven year old girl occurred are standing up in support of the rapists and are condemning the girl as having “asked for it.”

Where is the protection of women and girls from the real rapists and pedophiles?

Isn’t it hypocritical to have Right Wing douche nozzles who go through wives like they were disposable objects, to be used and discarded for a newer model, base their denial of marriage equality on the meme “Gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage.”?  Are they vampires who can’t see their own image mirrored in their hypocritical words?

These shameless peddlers of bigotry and slander trot out the same tired tropes for every single freaking issue regarding LGBT/T rights and have been doing so since the days of the tired ugly Orange Juice  Queen Anita Bryant.

These tropes circulate and echo through out the Republican party and the religious right just the way the anti-Semitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” used to.  Has there ever been a kkkonservative  organization where  the phrase “family values” wasn’t a euphemism for fascist values or bigoted values?

There is a power in our stories.  The reason the straights try to erase our stories is because they are afraid of their power.  Most LGBT/T people were born into straight families.  We grew up with the hate, the abuse.  we carry the scars and we still grew up to be LGBT/T.  Because the real reason Tina and I created the meme “Women Born Transsexual” was because we were born this way.  We know this in our bones and we don’t need Lady Gaga making a ton of money to tell us this simple truth.

We were born this way and the real perversion in our lives came from those who tried to tell us different, tried to tell us we were sick or evil.  The real perverts pointed the fingers and tried to label us perverted to cover their own secrets.

The obviousness of the blood libel regarding “transgender perverts” using the women’s restroom should be apparent to anyone with half a brain  considering that transsexualism and transgenderism has just about the same number of people assigned female at birth as it does people people assigned male at birth.

Another aspect that should be taken into account is the fact that TS/TG people are many times more likely to be the victim of assault, rape and murder by a straight person than straight people are to have the same crime committed by one of us upon them.

Lastly it is bad enough when straights invoke this blood libel upon us.  It is like a knife through the heart when gay men or especially lesbian feminists pull this blood libel forth.

Yet the most painful of all is when people who had the same operation I had, try to pretend they are so superior, so assimilated that they are too good to call what they were treated for transsexualism and have to call it something else like “classic transsexualism” or HBS then turn around and call everyone else “perverted men in dresses” .  When people like that start spewing the same blood libel as the Taliban Christians and the rabid right wing… Well that just makes me want to vomit.

2 Responses to “Restrooms and Blood Libels: The Misogynistic Anti-LGBT/T Lie.”

  1. James Loewen Says:

    Bravo Suzan.

    For some reason this is not allowing me to hit the “like” button so…

    Around me I hear the voices of aging lesbians, transsexual men and women, gays expressing anger and frustration that the same crap keeps going on. I think we who lived the sexual revolution felt and hoped that society would evolve, yet so many steps backwards, and so many people who don’t care or have a clue.

    I appreciate your hard rants like this, pure sanity against the insanity. Hoping you and Tina have a great weekend. Keep up the great work.

  2. quenyar Says:

    I often wonder why so many people are sick of this, but not angry about it. It reminds me so much of fighting the Jim Crow laws. “Ain’t no use fussin'” was a common cry from the older generation. Remember the song, “It isn’t nice!” I’m sure Suzan does. ( These things aren’t unfortunate, they’re crimes committed against us, against our brothers and sisters, and against our children. These justifications are not just wrong, they are an abomination against everything we believe in and everything this nation is supposed to stand for. Silence is deadly. Acceptance is fatal. We must meet them in the streets, in the assemblies, in the church halls and in the courts. We must follow them into every haunt of privilege and every bastion of hatred. We must leave them no place to hide. We must call out their lies with proud voices. We must cast aside our fears and proclaim our courage, for we have justice and truth on our side and if we can act together, we can win this. Or we can fail and keep counting the losses every day until none are left to count.

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