US Congressional hearings may reignite McCarthyism

I find Rep Peter King’s racist attacks on Muslims, labeling them as terrorists highly hypocritical.  Rep. King has been linked by numerous sources to a terrorist organization that has over the last century been responsible for numerous terrorist bombings and murders.  The troubling allegations that Rep King is at least a fellow traveler if not an active member of that infamous terrorist organization (the IRA) makes his present engagement in witch hunt type activities all the more dubious.

Americans should have the right to at least expect their representatives not support international terrorism the way Peter King is alleged to have done in the past.

Rep. King, when did you stop supporting terrorists?


One Response to “US Congressional hearings may reignite McCarthyism”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    For a former IRA supporter, this is not hypocritical. A lot of members of the IRA are puritans, who oppose alcohol, cannabis, etc. Also a lot of them oppose non christians.

    A lot of fantasists outside Northern Ireland believe the IRA to be open minded. Anyone thinking that is an idiot who wants to goose step into a gas chamber.

    You are talking about people who consider one of there heroes to be Sean Russell.


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