Another Zinnia Jones Fix

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  1. quenyar Says:

    Thank for posting this. I love Zinnia’s stuff. A few weekends ago my partner and I sat down and watched the entire catalogue on Youtube. An excellent addition to Christina Rad’s fine work.

  2. Andrea B. Says:

    I had a free day a couple of weeks ago and was went through her stuff to pass some time. Glad I did.

    The clip where she asks the woman from the Westboro Church about the flying spaghetti monster was brilliant. A few of my friends loved that one as well.

  3. angela207 Says:

    Ha Ha! She’s possibly the most un-post modern woman ever. Or maybe not………

    • Suzan Says:

      Post-modernism is as grounded in fantasy as religion. If there is no truth to be striven for then all fictions no matter how illogical and unreasonable require being given equal credibility.
      This sort of makes Scientology as valid as Aztec human sacrifice and Christianity or Mormonism with 800 foot tall angels and tablets of gold that no one has ever seen.

  4. angela207 Says:

    I think she’s great by he way.
    But what she’s doing could be seen as quite post-modern, post-modernism just being the easily available term. Zinnia Jones is unpicking the way belief, as it is expressed in religion, works. In our culture we tend to see belief as a sort of abstract but also concrete and in some cases sacred entity. That belief exisists in and of itself. Religious people make great store out of this. This is why the Phelps people are so successfull as well as being so awful. What they do is prod at the nature of belief in the minds of the people who hear about them, because we are taught to believe that belief is always somehow true, even when it clearly isn’t.
    There may be a scientific basis for this. From what I understand we narrate our lives as we go along. I read that we have an internal narrating tendency which is hardwired in our brains. We talk to ourselves as we go along… “must get vegetables for dinner”, “do I really have to get out of bed?”, “oh, I suppose so”, and so on. We really hear this narration, but usually we understand that that is what it is, at the same time it is also real, because it is part of our brains and therefore part of our bodies and the physical world we are made of and that is around us. The beliefs get more complicated, encrusted and folded into each other, both within us as individuals, encompassing even there a relation of self and other, and also between us as individuals and as groups. History starts to fall to pieces and into the vacuum comes our histories. And also the Phelp’s and the neo-cons and the fundamentalists, who just try to fill the lack of history with something that suits themselves.
    The point of the post-something philosophies is to understand this, to take a sideways look at something which the scientific and the modernist gaze takes a piercing stare at. It’s not an alternative, or a prescription, but a different slant of analysis and understanding.
    I’m sure there’s more to this, it’s rather early here.

  5. quenyar Says:

    As a genderqueer stowaway on this TS ship, I am proud to claim Zinia as a fellow traveler: Ze is very entertaining and hir videos are wonderful, post-modern or not.

    It is very interesting to contrast Zinia’s critiques of religion with CS Lewis’ apologetics on Christianity.

  6. angela207 Says:

    Ah well, a ship wouldn’t be a ship without a stowaway, just make sure you do the washing and make the tea, or we’ll have you thrown over the side and keel hauled.
    Me hearties!!!

  7. quenyar Says:

    “Now we see the violence inherent in the system!” – Marxist peasant, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    When I was a teenager, I volunteered at a Black Panther House in Philadelphia. I’d go there on Saturday and wash dishes and clean up (kind of like my stowaway duties). One time they had a big membership drive and some of the new brothers caught me in their house. As they were taking me outside to deal with as a white devil spy (none too gently either), when a couple of the older members asked them what they were doing. “No, no!” said the old hands, “that’s the kid who does the dishes!” They put me down. Some even apologized. I was OK after that.
    Times change, some things remain constant: apparently one of those changeless things is who does the dishes.

    • Suzan Says:

      Actually they were anarchists.

      “Take us to to your king.”
      “We don’t have a king, we’re an anarcho-syndicalist collective.”
      “Then take us to your leader.”
      “We don’t have a leader, we’re an anarcho-syndicalist collective.”

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