Merlin Stone 1931 – 2011

Even though I am an atheist rather than a pagan I nonetheless went through journeys of spiritual exploration including the Wicca and Buddhism.

Much of my disgust with religion was due to the way it abuses women and LGBT/T people.  Generally the existentialism of Sartre, Camus and de Beauvoir always made more sense to me.

But i am a product of the psychedelic as well as the political 1960s and liked to party, which was always fun with the Wiccans and their feasts.  I might add that the Wicca tied in nicely with my worshiping the earth and planets, the Gaia principles.

I was a feminist and involved with the Women’s Building on Spring St in LA when Merlin Stone book, When God Was a Woman came out.  I ran out to Sisterhood Books on Westwood Blvd, near UCLA and picked up a copy.

Even suggesting a alternative female god was subversive and Merlin Stone’s book was followed with books by Starhawk, Zee Budapest, and Marita Gimbutas.

I became part of a coven until I sort of realized that believing in a whole bunch of gods made even less sense than believing in one.  I also realized that science was more magical than superstitions could ever be.

At the same time writers like Merlin Stone challenged us to imagine an alternative to a misogynistic, domineering male god and for that I am thankful.

There is a nice obit at: The Wild Hunt

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