Wisconsin Gov. Walker Throws Gasoline on the Fire

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Ethan Rome
Executive Director, Health Care for America Now
Posted: February 22, 2011

Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on Wisconsin’s middle class and his plan to take away the rights of public service workers is wrong. It’s certainly wrong for the governor to work for corporate special interests like the infamous Koch brothers instead of the people of Wisconsin. And his threat Tuesday of “dire consequences” was disingenuous and irresponsible, especially since his draconian attack on the freedom of employees to have a voice at work has nothing to do with balancing the state’s budget.

It’s time for the governor to stop fighting with public employees, put aside his partisan agenda and help Wisconsin move forward. The governor should work with the unions and both political parties and remember that this is not about winning a fight – it’s about getting things done.

In Indiana, for example, that’s what Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels has decided to do. Ideologically, Daniels and Walker are kindred spirits, and the Indiana governor is no friend of workers. But Daniels decided this is not the right time to declare war on workers. According to the Indianapolis Star, Daniels signaled Tuesday that “Republicans should drop the right-to-work bill that has brought the Indiana House to a standstill for two days and imperiled other measures.”

Wisconsin’s governor has created an unnecessary impasse. Gov. Walker has driven 14 Democratic state senators into hiding because it’s the only way they can force a pause in the legislative process. He is staring out his office window at unprecedented protests by thousands of Wisconsinites from all walks of life. Recent polls show the public is not on his side. Everyone understands that Gov. Walker’s claims about the state budget are a pretext to take away peoples’ rights and shrink Wisconsin’s middle class. This is no way to lead a state. The governor should work across party lines to solve this problem so Wisconsin lawmakers can move on to other issues – including the budget for the coming fiscal year.

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