Confederate Speaker Compares Himself to Rosa Parks

Can you say the word, hubris?  If you are an ignorant white southern cracker, do you know what it means?  If your study of language was as flawed as your racist version of American history perhaps you should Google it.

Or maybe you are just the same old neo-Nazi white racist scumbags we had to fight against in the 1960s.

Buy a clue.  Right wing, white racists like you are no more victims than your Nazi cousins during WWII.  Comparing yourselves to Rosa Parks only shows what whiny ignorant self centered immoral slobs you are.  You are not fit to call yourselves Americans.

The Civil War was about slavery and the treason of the South.  You are quick to red bait but totally ignore the largest act of treason in American History.

As for me, I will celebrate the Sesquicentennial victory of the brilliant Union General, William Tecumseh Sherman and his march to the sea in 1864.

From Truth Wins Out:

by Wayne Besen

Posted February 20th, 2011

The Civil War had very little to do with slavery.

Well, at least that is talking point spewed by nearly 1,000 historical revisionists that descended upon downtown Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday. The group of Confederacy worshipers raised the rebel flag on the capitol lawn and had a mock swearing-in of Jefferson Davis. As the fake Davis sashayed up to the podium, some of the pro-Confederacy crowd bellowed, “God bless you, Mr. President” and “Long live Dixie”.

Like today’s social conservatives, the Confederate crowd tried to play the victim. According to The Advertiser, Lt. Commander in Chief Kelley Barrow compared his movement’s alleged persecution to that suffered by civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

He went on to mention Rosa Parks, stating while she moved from the back of the bus to the front, the “people of the Confederacy have been forced to move to the back of the bus.”

These poor misunderstood victims. How will they go on and survive in such a hostile climate?

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3 Responses to “Confederate Speaker Compares Himself to Rosa Parks”

  1. quenyar Says:

    I remember my German teacher: “Of course I was in the Hitler Youth, they had a pool!” He’d been a perfectly ordinary boy in a perfectly ordinary family in a perfectly ordinary town, etc.,… He explained to me how the Germans felt like victims after the war. “My family weren’t Nazis. My father and brothers made clock parts. They were just plain union men who worked for a living. After the war, most of my family was dead. Everything we’d owned was broken, stolen or just plain gone. We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t vote for this. We didn’t wage war, war was waged on us.”

    Today, an awful lot of poor folk, especially in the South feel like victims because they are victims. They’re just not victims of the people they’re angry with. They’re so thoroughly bamboozled that they don’t know if they’re dizzy, drunk, horsewhipped, snakebit or just plain nuts. Add to that ignorance, poverty and a kind of maniacal feeling of entitlement as especial Americans and you have people who are ready to kill all the wrong folks for all the wrong reasons. These are the fools who are all terrified by the gay agenda (the new Jew for the same old Nazism).

    As someone easily identifiable in the LGBT/TS/Q alphabet soup, I am damn frightened of the same kind of decent into barbarism Germany had between 1923 and 2933. I don’t want to die behind barbed wire.

    • Suzan Says:

      The plantation owners originally brought both African slaves and white “indentured servants” (another term for a form of slavery) to America. When they saw the bonding between the two groups they started using racism to keep them apart. They later made the white indentured servants into the over seers and para-military force used to quell any rebellion on the part of Blacks.

      Like today they suckered an oppressed group into acting as their Sonder Komandos and against their own class interests.

      Just as the Koch’s are showing their Nazi roots with funding all the right wing quasi-grass roots political organizations getting the poor to prostitute themselves while working against the interests of their class.

  2. quenyar Says:

    Errr. 1923 and 1933.

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