White House Chief of Staff, Bill Daley took $15 million from JPMorgan since 2009

Just whose interests do you think Obama’s Chief of Staff represents, The working people of America or the rich mother fucking scumbags that destroyed our nation?

Can we run a different candidate in 2012 and send Obama back to Chicago?

From Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49831.html



New White House chief of staff Bill Daley received more than $15 million in salary, bonuses and pension distributions from banking giant JP Morgan Chase since the beginning of last year, according to records released Friday.

A personal financial disclosure form Daley submitted soon after he joined the White House staff last month shows he earned $675,000 in salary in 2010 and was paid a bonus of nearly $3.2 million for the previous year. Early this year, before President Barack Obama hired him to run the administration, Daley received a single paycheck of about $7,000 and a bonus of roughly $4.8 million for his work at JP Morgan Chase the year before.

Daley also cashed out a pension plan for a lump sum of about $6.7 million, the report discloses. The report, which offers ranges of dollar values, said his personal investments and bank accounts are worth at least $8 million.

A White House spokesman said Daley has sold all of his stock in JP Morgan Chase, as well as stock in other companies, including Abbott Laboratories and aircraft giant Boeing. He has reinvested those assets in diversified mutual funds, the spokesman said.

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Ohio’s turn to revolt: Thousands flood statehouse over anti-union bill

From Raw Story:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/18/ohios-turn-to-revolt-thousands-flood-statehouse-over-anti-union-bill/

By Stephen C. Webster
Friday, February 18th, 2011

The massive, government-crippling protests in Madison, Wisconsin have now spilled over into Ohio, where over 5,000 rallied Thursday in opposition to a bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers.

Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 is essentially the same as what Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proposed, and it seems to be recieving about the same response. Just last week, more than 800 people showed up to protest the bill while it was still in committee, packing out the statehouse in a show of numbers that Thursday’s demonstration easily topped.

The collective bargaining power of unionized workers is a key bullwark for American laborers, who’ve often been forced to organize throughout US history to force management into offering better pay, health insurance, greater job security, vacation time or even maternity leave. Without collective bargaining, the power of unionized workers would be reduced to their last and most extreme tool in their set: the general strike.

Teachers in Wisconsin showed earlier this week what that may look like, with more than 1,100 of them calling in “sick” and not showing up for work for one single day, to emphasize their importance in the education system.

Estimates on the number of protesters who turned out in Columbus, Ohio on Friday differed, but Cleveland’s WTAM 1100 News Radio put the figure at “thousands,” noting that it had grown from prior protests. The station also added that Friday’s demonstration also drew a counter-protest from a group of tea party Republicans, who were “far outnumbered” by the workers.

Continue reading at:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/18/ohios-turn-to-revolt-thousands-flood-statehouse-over-anti-union-bill/

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Call for Participants in an International Transgender/Intersex/DS D Aging Survey

I took this study and I think it is a lot better than most studies in that it leaves plenty of room to explain why you may have check the box marked “other” when none of the labeled multiple choice answers fit.


Hello, my name is Professor Tarynn M. Witten and I am looking for individuals who are willing to participate in an international research survey aimed at understanding how individuals with non-traditional gender identities (transgender, transsexual, cross-dresser, trans-queer, gender queer, gender variant, intersex, DSD, First Nations and other non-Western gender identities) prepare to address traditional later life challenges such as retirement, health care, money challenges, housing, caretaking and other later life problems that might arise as they age. If you have already participated (over 600 from 10 countries have already participated), we thank you very much and *we ask that you take a moment to help us to* *please circulate this notice* *widely*. If you have not participated, please take the time to fill out our survey by going to the link below.

Current research in aging speaks of the importance of a number of factors that contribute to successful aging in a population. Among these areas of importance are planning for later life challenges. With the growing number of cross-dresser-identified, transgender-identified, intersex/DSD-identified, First Nations, non-Western gender-identified, gender variant and queer-identified elders worldwide, we hope to gain more information about how you are preparing for later-life. Your information will be used to help develop positive aging programs for these individuals. This research represents first of a kind research in this area. If you decide to take part, we will ask you to fill out the online survey located at the following web-address: *http://survey.vcu.edu/surveys/TAKT5X* The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes of your time. Everything that we learn about you in the study will be confidential.

The survey is anonymous. If we publish the results of the study in a scientific magazine or book, we will not identify you in any way. No agency or organization will be allowed to see the survey results.Your decision to take part in this study is voluntary. You are free to choose not to take part in the study. The investigator is Professor Tarynn M. Witten. She has a long history of working in this area. If you have questions, please feel free to ask Dr. Witten. She can be reached at (804) 827-7371 , *tmwitten@vcu.edu*[email], *http://www.people.vcu.edu/~tmwitten* [web] or as tmwitten on Skype.

Please: Feel free to cross-post, circulate and otherwise transmit this call for participants* in whatever manner you choose. The more information we gather, the strong the results and the case that we can make. *Although it sounds like a great deal of responses, 600 from 10 countries is not as much as you would think. We need your help and your responses. Help us get to 1,000 or more.


The Virginia Commonwealth University committee that reviews research on human subjects (Institutional Review Board) will answer any questions about your rights as a survey participant. The IRB can be reached at (804) 828-0868 [phone] or online at *http://www.research.vcu.edu/irb/contactus.htm * <http://www.research.vcu.edu/irb/contactus.htm> . *This research project carries VCU IRB approval number # HM 12851 and is being carried out under the auspices of the VCU Department of Gerontology.

— Thank You, Josephine P Tittsworth,LMSW,BSW,AA University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work Ph.D. Student http://www.sw.uh.edu/documents/phdprogram/doctoralcvs/TITTSWORTH09.pdf NASW GLBT Issues Committee NASW-TX Equity Committee GLBT Chair NTAC Board of Directors, Research Chair “If you can not find opportunity, create opportunity.” J P Tittsworth “Social change; Baby steps become monster leaps.” J P Tittsworth
“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.”- Harold B. Melchart I survived “Sundays at Milby Park, 1971.”

Friday Night Fun and Culture

Labor song to remind us of our history as working people in this country, collectively standing up to the Republican thugs who represent only the interests of the rich and the corporations.

This is for organized labor the last bastion of defense against the destruction of America and the rights of working people by the un-American ultra right wing Republi-Nazis.

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Md. senators told to expect long week of same-sex marriage debate

From The Washington Post: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/annapolis/2011/02/md_senators_told_to_expect_lon.html

By John Wagner
February 17, 2011

Maryland senators should expect a long week ahead of debate on same-sex marriage, the chamber’s president said Thursday.

“You might want to keep your evenings open and clear your schedule next weekend,” Senate President Thomas v. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert) told his colleagues before adjourning for the day.

The Judicial Proceedings Committee is expected to give a favorable recommendation to the legislation Thursday afternoon. Seven of the panel’s 11 members have said they support the bill, which would remove Maryland’s requirement that marriage be between a man and a woman.

After some procedural motions on the Senate floor early next week, debate will probably begin in earnest Wednesday, Miller said, with a final vote possible over the weekend.

With opponents likely to attempt a filibuster, Miller said he plans to “let everyone have their say” before bringing a motion to the floor to cut off debate.

The final vote on the bill is expected to be very close. A Post tally published this week showed 24 senators having said they would support the bill — the bare minimum needed for passage.

Continue reading at:  http://voices.washingtonpost.com/annapolis/2011/02/md_senators_told_to_expect_lon.html

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Mass. Gov. Orders Protection for Trans Workers

From The Advocate: http://www.advocate.com/News/Daily_News/2011/02/17/Mass_Gov_Orders_Protection_for_Trans_Workers/

By Advocate Editors:

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick signed an executive order Thursday banning work-based discrimination against transgender state government employees and contractors.

The order adds gender expression and identity to an existing law that bans discrimination for employees based on race, gender, and religion, according to The Boston Globe. The measure is similar to one that would extend those protections to all Massachusetts residents in the realms of housing, public accommodations, and private-sector jobs.

A recent national survey of transgender people showed that 90% of those employed had been harassed on the job, and 26% had lost a job due to being transgender.

Patrick was joined in a private signing ceremony in his office by a handful of transgender state employees.

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Senate Democrats leave Wisconsin in bid to derail GOP budget plans

From The Wisconsin State Journal:  http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_01c093f0-3ac0-11e0-ba01-001cc4c002e0.html


February 17, 2011

In a last-ditch effort to stop the passage of Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill by depriving the Senate of a quorum, all 14 Senate Democrats staged a walkout Thursday, leaving the state to avoid a forced return to the Capitol and a doomed vote against the bill.

The missing legislators traveled across the state line, spending at least part of the day at the Clock Tower Resort in Rockford, Ill. — far enough away that state troopers could not force them to return. They then spent the afternoon in a cat-and-mouse game with members of the media, sometimes speaking by cell phone but not revealing their locations.

The move stalled the vote, and the Senate adjourned Thursday afternoon without taking up the matter. Senators, however, are expected to come back into session Friday for another run at passage.

If Republicans can get at least one of the Democratic senators back into the chamber, they can force a vote that almost certainly would end with passage of Walker’s bill, which would strip most collective bargaining rights for nearly all public workers in Wisconsin.

Continue reading at:  http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/article_01c093f0-3ac0-11e0-ba01-001cc4c002e0.html

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Wisconsin Is a Battleground Against the Billionaire Kochs’ Plan to Break Labor’s Back

From Alternet: http://www.alternet.org/news/149965/wisconsin_is_a_battleground_against_the_billionaire_kochs%27_plan_to_break_labor%27s_back/

The war on Wisconsin employees isn’t just about the budget or Wisconsin: Koch toady Gov. Walker is just one soldier in the billionaire’s offensive to kill labor.

By Adele M. Stan

February 18, 2011

As some 30,000 protesters overwhelmed the state capitol building in Wisconsin today, Democratic state senators hit the road, reportedly with State Police officers in pursuit. The Dems left the state in order to deprive Republicans the necessary quorum for taking a vote on Gov. Scott Walker’s bill to strip benefits and collective bargaining rights from state workers. Newsradio 620 WTMJ reported that the Democratic senators were holed up in a Rockford, Illinois, hotel, out of reach of Wisconsin state troopers. Now, it seems, Republican lawmakers are beginning to waver on their support for the union-busting bill.

Last week, Walker threatened to activate the National Guard in the event of any disruption in services from public employees that, he said, could occur as a result of his legislation.

Gov. Walker claims that his war on the public workers in his state is simply about balancing Wisconsin’s budget; believe that and there’s a collapsed bridge in MInnesota I’d like to sell you. The fact is, Walker is carrying out the wishes of his corporate master, David Koch, who calls the tune these days for Wisconsin Republicans. Walker is just one among many Wisconsin Republicans supported by Koch Industries — run by David Koch and his brother, Charles — and Americans For Prosperity, the astroturf group founded and funded by David Koch. The Koch brothers are hell-bent on destroying the labor movement once and for all.

During his election campaign, Walker received the maximum $15,000 contribution from Koch Industries, according to Think Progress, and support worth untold hundreds of thousands from the Koch-funded astroturf group, Americans For Prosperity. AlterNet recently reported the role of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Americans For Prosperity in a vote-caging scheme apparently designed to suppress the votes of African-Americans and college students in Milwaukee. In 2008, Walker served as emcee for an awards ceremony held by Americans For Prosperity. There, he conferred the “Defender of the American Dream” award on Rep. Paul Ryan, now chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Continue reading at:  http://www.alternet.org/news/149965/wisconsin_is_a_battleground_against_the_billionaire_kochs%27_plan_to_break_labor%27s_back/

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