Boots on the Ground: Defending Planned Parenthood

From RH Reality Check:

By Rachel Fagen

February 14, 2011

Anti-choice believers co-opting the language of feminist work is nothing new. But today’s noontime anti-choice protest of Planned Parenthoods across the country, orchestrated by David Bereit and 40 Days for Life, takes it to a whole new level.

Live Action and 40DFL have spent the last few weeks whipping their mailing lists into a froth over a topic that anti-cthoicers barely registered until this campaign — sex trafficking of girls. Do they want to make sure trafficked women are cared for, that have legal options and full human rights, that they have access to safe health care provided by organizations with decades of experience on the front lines of victims’ advocacy?

Not quite. 40DFL is instead urging its followers to protest Planned Parenthood for daring to give clear, complete, legally-accurate advice without judgment, and follow legal reporting procedures with sting videographers from Live Action.

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