A Rich Fantasy Life

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Wednesday 09 February 2011

by: William Rivers Pitt, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

I know I should be immune to this by now, but I still find myself awestruck by the incredibly detailed, insulated fantasy world that the American conservative “movement” has created for themselves. No lie is too big to be told, no fact is too firm to be bent around ideology, no myth is too absurd to defend to the knife. The ability to spew deliberate nonsense into the credulous ears of Fox-watching right-bent voters – and to be utterly without shame while doing it – is the core of this “movement’s” political muscle, and has been for a number of decades now.

Take, for example, this past weekend’s festival of Reagan. The late president’s 100th birthday opened the floodgates for an ocean of nonsense to be dumped on the American people. He was a great leader, the conservative’s conservative, a small-government hero who deserves a place on Mt. Rushmore.


Ronald Reagan’s “supply side” economic model was the gateway drug that led inexorably to the collapse of the American economy two years ago, and yet his conservative acolytes – as well as far too many Democrats who should know better – still cling to that economic model as if it were holy writ.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes massively, and grew the federal government enormously, while sending the country spiraling into a morass of debt we are nowhere near recovering from, and yet his worshippers continue to tout him as the perfect “small government” man.

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One Response to “A Rich Fantasy Life”

  1. quenyar Says:

    Yeah, I have found for years that some people seem to have been living in a different universe from me, at least a different planet. We have much in common in terms, names, dates, etc, but as to what those names dates, terms are – you just have to shake your head with disbelief. To them down is up, left is right, inside is out and right is whatever they want.

    And you always get down to the point of “well why do you think so?” and they just say “because it’s so!”

    I wrote to some of the Ugandan legislators recently and some actually wrote back. One man and I wrote back and forth several times. We wrote about doing the right thing and what the right thing was and why. We talked about sources and who you can believe — and it came down to the fact that this man could not strike out alone in any moral territory. He had to be in a herd. They believe this crap because they want to. It makes them feel righteous. It makes them feel protected and safe.

    If there were a creator to endow us all with inalienable rights, one of those would surely have been a right to rationality. Unfortunately this wasn’t on the human manifest during creation week.

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