Lily Lilac Died Today

Today Tina and I lost a member of our family.

Her name was Lily Lilac and she was an elderly lilac point Siamese.

We rescued her nearly four years ago from the local shelter.  We took her knowing she was a special needs cat even though North Texas Siamese Rescue had said they would take her.

In the months before we adopted her we had just lost Jules an elderly apple head seal point who was also a special needs cat.

When Tina told me about her I said, “No, no more special needs cats.”

I was so tough, until I picked her up. She was nothing but skin and bones, wheezing like a two pack a day smoker with breath to match.  The woman at the shelter said, “Siamese Rescue said they would take her.”

I started crying because I knew she was pretty much unadoptable and the way she clung to me she needed that contact with humans. That is something Tonja just can’t give all the individual cats at the Rescue Center even though she does a truly heroic job of saving lives and finding homes.

Jules and Lily were complete opposites when it came to accepting our giving them their veterinarian prescribed care.  Jules took his pills and accepted our giving him subcutaneous fluid when he needed it to help his failing kidneys.  Lily would have none of it she fought taking pills so hard she dislocated one of her hind legs.  Forget about extra fluids.

So we decided to let her share our home on her own terms.

I was working and grumpy when I got home and she was needy and clinging.  While we both gave her affection she spent most of her time attached to Tina.

In time her wheezing abated somewhat and she gained a small amount of weight but like Jules remained a bony feeble older cat.

The last couple of weeks we have had horribly cold and icy weather here in D/FW and she seemed rather inactive.  Then we noticed she seemed very ill with the same symptoms Jules had when his kidneys finally failed.

She passed away today, we were discussing taking her to the vet to have her put down.  But instead she died on her own terms, which is some how fitting.

6 Responses to “Lily Lilac Died Today”

  1. Susanna Boudrie Says:

    Lily, as Jules, was “my” cat. I’ll miss the dear little thing.


  2. DaisyDeadhead Says:

    Ohhhh, my deepest condolences. Losing cats is something I find devastating, ever since I was 5. 😦

  3. Andrea B. Says:

    Sorry to hear that.

  4. Anonymous T-Girl Says:

    If it’s worth anything, i’m sorry about that.

    • Suzan Says:

      Welcome back. How are you getting along? I stumbled on some things on Notes From the T-side that sounded like you were being unfairly attacked. I’m sorry people feel they have to do that, bullying others doesn’t make the bully better than the person bullied, it just creates pain which is why I try to keep this blog focused on things other than the eternal transwars.

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