Headlines You Will neither See nor Hear This Weekend

We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, host of this year’s annual over-hyped sports spectacle known as “The Super Bowl”.

Jerry Jones who recently extorted a new stadium out of the city of Arlington by running a con game of hype and bullshit about how much money this new stadium (Referred to as Jerry World by cynics like me) would bring to the region.

Well Jerry wasn’t satisfied with selling tickets to seats in the stadium because that would not set records and as we know many Texas men have to over compensate for a lack of natural endowments by bragging about how everything here is bigger and better than any place else.  Therefore Jerry started selling tickets to stand inside the stadium and watch the games on TV.  But even then he wouldn’t be able to pack enough bodies of hype buying morons into the actual building to top the numbers that can fit into the Rose Bowl in  Pasadena, California.  As a result Jerry decided to sell tickets, at $200 per ticket, to watch the game on televisions while standing in the parking lot.

Following a Sunday with temperatures in the 70s F a storm front moved in.  Monday, the temperatures fell dramatically and we had a storm that managed to drop both snow and freezing rain leaving the metroplex one large skating rink.

Then this morning we awoke to an overnight snow fall of six to eight inches, which is enough snow to pretty much shut down D/FW.  Especially since the temperatures haven’t been above freezing all week  and indeed have barely climbed in to the 20s F.

Now Texas may think it is bigger, better and badder than any place around, but as climate change deniers, they think infrastructure preparations to deal with the new climate extremes, like actually getting snow that doesn’t melt the next day, are for liberal wusses.  They also can’t drive for shit in rain much less ice and snow, so we have been treated to a week of videos of some truly spectacular crashes and automotive stupidity.

I don’t mean to make light of people getting injured as people have been injured in those accidents as well as those injured yesterday by falling ice at the stadium. (see 5 Injured, 1 Critically by Ice Falling From Cowboy’s Stadium.)

Rather than making fun of people getting injured because of this series of storms I think it is more appropriate to call attention to the hubris of the corporate rah-rahs and climate change denying public officials.  Perhaps instead of building Taj Mahal Stadiums for rich corporations to bleed the public, we should focus our spending on infra structure improvements needed to deal with the looming disaster brought about by the over usage of fossil fuels and the subsequent increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

No matter how much the paid shills of the oil industry like Joe Barton and other elected representatives of the oil industry obfuscate and lie regarding climate change brought on by global warming Mother Nature (Gaia) has a way of asserting reality.

Here are some headlines I doubt we will see, given some “religious” leaders past pontifications and how football is treated as a religion here in Texas as well as else where.

Arctic Weather Shows God Hates______ ! (Football, Jerry Jones, Texas sized hubris.)

Dallas/Fort Worth decide to Invest in Infra Structure

Texas Politicians Repent Regarding Past Positions of Climate Change Denial

Al Gore was Right about Climate Change

2 Responses to “Headlines You Will neither See nor Hear This Weekend”

  1. quenyar Says:

    Headlines I’d like to see:

    Transwoman escapes injury, assailant in police custody
    Transgender Rights Amendment Ratified by 43 States
    Budget Deficit Filled by Taxing Churches
    Hate Crimes Legislation Used to Close NOM, AFA, FRC

    • Suzan Says:

      Headlines I would like to see:
      Re-introduced Equal rights Amendment Ratified, Women Now Legally Equal to Men
      Corporations No Longer Consider the Same as a Human Being
      92% of Workers Represented by Unions
      CEO Pay Limited to 50 Times Rate Paid to Lowest Paid Workers in All Businesses

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