Egypt’s Internet Shut Down, According To Reports

Ireland, France, Spain, Great Britain, Greece Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and so many other places have had massive demonstrations, riots and revolutions the last two months that it sort of feels like the Masters of the Universe might be whistling on the gallows when they stand there and tell us things will be alright.  That we aren’t really in a depression and in fact the “recession” is over.

Maybe it is for them but a world where a tiny minority controls most of the wealth is an inherently unstable world and as the Kris Kristofferson song says, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing else to lose.”

Taking away people’s jobs, homes and leaving them struggling to survive puts their backs against the wall and no amount of Super Bowls, Glen Beck or fussy pictures of Brittany Spears will be enough spectacle to distract them from their misery.

What I can’t understand is the right wing’s desire to keep ramping up the misery.

From Huffington Post:

January 27, 2011

Reports are emerging that Internet has gone down in Cairo and throughout Egypt, only hours before the largest planned protests yet.

According to a report from The Arabist, “Egypt has shut off the internet.”

Multiple Internet Service Providers are affected according to the report, which states:

I just received a call from a friend in Cairo (I won’t say who it is now because he’s a prominent activist) telling me neither his DSL nor his USB internet service is working. I’ve just checked with two other friends in different parts of Cairo and their internet is not working either.

The news of the Internet outage came minutes after the Associated Press published a video of an Egyptian protestor being shot.

CNN reporter Ben Wedeman confirmed Internet is down in Cairo and writes, “No internet, no SMS, what is next? Mobile phones and land lines? So much for stability. #Jan25 #Egypt”

The Los Angeles Times is also reporting that BlackBerry Internet has been taken offline in Egypt.

UPDATE (7:05 p.m. ET) Reuters confirms “major network disruptions” for Egypt Internet users at this time, with reports in Cairo that there is no Internet altogether. A top state official declined to comment.

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