Time to Resurrect The Equal Rights Amendment

Alleged Opus Dei member and ultra right wing extremist Supreme Court Justice Scalia says women’s rights aren’t protected by the Constitution.

Time to pass ERA..

Post-Transsexual Women and Transgender Inc.

I know, I know..  This blog is titled “Women Born Transsexual” and yet specifically transsexual or transgender articles are but a small part of what I pass on via this blog.

What happens with women who were born transsexual and have surgery is that it kind of cures transsexualism.  Oh, we might well love reading about how others deal with being transsexual or transgender but unless you are one of those very rare people who flip/flop back and forth between the sexes  getting sex change surgery tends to be a finite process.  Oh, you can add on all sorts of other  surgeries but the actual SRS tends be  over after at most two or three procedures (unless there are complications).

This means that as the years pass, obsession with the process of changing sex wanes unless one is really compulsive about all things transsexual/transgender.  In that case everything becomes about transsexual, transgender and the stuff of gender world.

A couple of years ago before starting this blog, I stood back and looked at a dozen or so years of warring between transsexuals and transgenders.  I realized I had said some pretty vile stuff in anger and decided I was going to refrain from name calling and focus on arguing issues rather than personalities.

I over the past half dozen years or so I’ve taken stock of my personal core values, realized I got brain washed into some really right wing positions, especially after 9/11 and so I renounced those positions.

My core values are pretty left wing working class, more anarchist than communist but socialist nonetheless.

This means I am firmly committed to social justice, non-discrimination and probably a whole slew of things the liberal mainstream Transactivists have never even imagined demanding.  Things like government provided conception to grave health care.  Shorter work weeks for those who work for a living instead of manipulating money.

What I don’t care too much about arguing is some sort of imaginary “gender binary”.  You see I think gender is kind of a fiction used to sell sexism and misogyny.

I don’t consider post-SRS women and men to be transgender.  I also don’t consider drag queens or heterosexual cross dressers to be transgender either.  As far as I am concerned transgender is sort of a self identity that requires at bare minimum taking the action of living 24/7 as a member of the sex not commonly associated with your current genitals. In the flow chart, there is an if then go to factor.  If you are pursuing sex reassignment surgery then you are transsexual.

Actions not identity carry more weight with me than excuses.

This does not make me a mean bigoted person.  It just makes me a harder to bullshit person.

Nor does it mean I don’t support a transgender inclusive ENDA, although as soon as I say that the whining hungry ghosts of the transgender ideologues will start nit picking at me over things like requiring a consistent gender role appearance.

And the armies of the self identified transgender community have hundreds of different names, all of which I am supposed to honor and respect. At the same time, according to some guardians of the transgender party line, my saying I am transsexual, or even worse post-transsexual, makes me a monster, a separatist in bed with the rather unattractive Janice Raymond or the very strange Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence, Zucker cult.

In the world view of Transgender Inc no one ever gets past being transgender. Transgender being the politically correct noun since actual transsexual people using transsexual is an act of bigotry.  In transworld the only people who are legitimately permitted to identify as transsexual are  people with no intention of ever getting SRS or who have a thousand excuses of varying degree of credibility/sketchiness for not getting SRS.

When  people  have had SRS, and over the years more or less assimilated into the sex they were surgically reassigned, suggest they should be considered ordinary men or women,  those inhabitants of Transworld, who have bought wholeheartedly into the ideology of Transgender Inc.   suddenly start channeling their inner Jan Raymond or Virginia Prince.

Not calling names is a two way street.  I know I don’t like being verbally abused.  That’s why some people are banned from commenting on this Blog.  At the same time I got tired of getting in the name calling game with people in Transworld.  I’m friends with too many transgender people to engage in a generalized warfare built around ad -hominem attacks.  I’m not even all that angry with those leaders who go to Washington and to city council meetings to fight for transgender rights.

The bigger problem is the ideology. The other people who don’t know me and who are not activists actually working in support of rights and social justice for transgender people, but who feel they can attack the motivations of post-transsexual people with complete impunity.

I’ve been around movements that operate on consensus based resolution of group conflicts for some 45 years.  Too often these organizations get dominated by those who whine the loudest and longest, who are always the most victimized person in the room.

When given the floor they totally destroy anyone who doesn’t think or say exactly what they think this person should think or say.

I have had such people tell me they hoped I would be the victim of anti-trans-violence and either be badly injured or killed.  How is this supposed to cause me to willingly work for the rights of a group that doesn’t censure people who attack some one like that over matters of ideology.

Transgender Inc. has taken upon itself to impose all sorts of pathologizing labels upon post-transsexual people.  Gender variant is a current favorite and one that sends me looking for a weapon to hurt anyone who tries to apply it to me.

I can’t even wrap my mind around how such a label could possibly apply to most post-transsexual people.  Outside of perhaps Norrie May Welby or maybe Kate Bornstein, when she is in performance artist mode.  When I’m asked my gender I often reply,”Lesbian” or “Hippie”, because gender is performative and the way I perform gender is more or less older lesbian hippie.

I’m certainly not very “gender queer” unless you think my preferring sneakers to high heels is some how gender transgressive.

This brings us to Gay/Lesbian Inc and the “T” that has more or less been forcibly grafted on.  It should work better than it often does.  But there often seems to be a confusion on the part of Lesbian and Gay people as to just what “Transgender” stands for.  Part of this problem is the idea of ‘Transgender as Umbrella”.  There isn’t a single transgender community.  There are straight cross dressers who are often homophobes.  There are heterosexual post SRS women and men who are straight and sometimes homophobes.  There are drag queens who are regularly disparaged as “gay men” by many in the “transgender community”.

There are also lesbian and gay post-transsexual people who put lesbian or gay ahead of any sort of trans-prefixed label in their list of identities.

Tina, my life partner says, “There is no future in being the “T” in LGBT.”

I am inclined to think the whiners who would rather hurl names and insults at post-transsexual women because we refuse to identify as transgender instead of transsexual make Transgender Inc. a very hostile environment for post-transsexual women to work for the rights of all.

I learned that calling names and hurling ad hominem insults was counter productive to the goal of promoting matters like social justice, human dignity and equality.

I would suggest there are a number of people who self identify as members of the “Transgender Community” who would do well to consider internalizing the same thought before letting loose a string of invectives towards people who might be allies when it comes to supporting shared goals.

It might also be time to overhaul a lot of the ideological baggage found in the philosophy of Transgender Inc. and purge the Virginia Prince crap.

Calif. Dem reintroduces public option for health insurance

I find the repulsive sucking up to the rich corporate elite on the part of the Republi-Nazis to be absolutely disgusting. But i am hard pressed to name which of the many disgusting acts on their part is the most repulsive although the compulsive lying about everything under the sun comes close.

Obama was a lackey of the Republicans and the  Profiteers of the rich “Health” Insurance Corporations as well as a coward for not introducing single payer Health Insurance and putting the for profits out of business.

Now the Republi-Nazis are trying to repeal even his feeble do little Health Care Reform Bill.

But one real Democrat  Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) has the courage to stand up and propose the sort of Health Care reform Americans need and deserve.  Too long our policies in this nation have only stolen from working people to line the pockets of the ultra rich by transferring out hard earned dollars to the rich corporations that run this country.

From Raw Story: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/01/woolsey-introduces-public-option-deficit-reduction-act/

By Sahil Kapur
Thursday, January 6th, 2011 — 7:21 am

Even as Republicans gear up for a vote to repeal health care reform, one progressive House member is making a renewed push for the public option.

On Wednesday, the first day of the 112th Congress, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) introduced a measure to establish a robust public health insurance option as a supplement to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The California congresswoman argued that the plan, which pays physicians 5 percent more than Medicare rates, would lower insurance costs and address deficit concerns, pointing to a Congressional Budget Office report saying it would cut the deficit by $68 billion.

“This is the perfect moment for the public option,” Woolsey said. “It builds on the health care reform legislation by lowering costs and it provides a great way to bring down the deficit.”

She added: “If Republicans really care about the deficit, they should sign on to this bill rather than try to dismantle the health care reform law, which would add billions to the budget deficit.”

Continue reading:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/01/woolsey-introduces-public-option-deficit-reduction-act/

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Census: Number of poor may be millions higher

From MSNBC: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40930573/ns/us_news-life/

The Associated Press
updated 1/5/2011 4:46:10 PM ET 2011-01-05T21:46:10

WASHINGTON — The number of poor people in the U.S. is millions higher than previously known, with 1 in 6 Americans — many of them 65 and older — struggling in poverty due to rising medical care and other costs, according to preliminary census figures released Wednesday.

At the same time, government aid programs such as tax credits and food stamps kept many people out of poverty, helping to ensure the poverty rate did not balloon even higher during the recession in 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office.

Under a new revised census formula, overall poverty in 2009 stood at 15.7 percent, or 47.8 million people. That’s compared to the official 2009 rate of 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million, that was reported by the Census Bureau last September.

Across all demographic groups, Americans 65 and older sustained the largest increases in poverty under the revised formula — nearly doubling to 16.1 percent. As a whole, working-age adults 18-64 also saw increases in poverty, as well as whites and Hispanics. Children, blacks and unmarried couples were less likely to be considered poor under the new measure.

Due to new adjustments for geographical variations in costs of living, people residing in the suburbs, the Northeast and West were the regions mostly likely to have poor people — nearly 1 in 5 in the West.

Continue reading at:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40930573/ns/us_news-life/

Class war, not just for the rich anymore….

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BP cost-cutting blamed for oil spill

A couple of stories in tandem from the Guardian UK show that BP has become the Corporation that orders the governments to do what it thinks is right about absorbing BPs pollution and clean up costs rather than paying for them itself.

Perhaps it is time for the US and UK to send some dark-op players to visit the Execs and tell them who is boss and who writes the rules.  Time for governments to protect their citizens instead of the corporations.

BP cost-cutting blamed for ‘avoidable’ Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Suzanne Goldenberg
The Guardian, Thursday 6 January 2011

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was an avoidable disaster caused in part by a series of cost-cutting decisions made by BP and its partners, the White House oil commission said last night.

In a preview of its final report, due next week, the national oil spill commission said systemic management failure at BP, Transocean, and Halliburton caused the blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico, and warned that such a disaster would likely recur because of industry complacency.

Many of the poor decisions taken on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig before the fatal blow-out on 20 April were taken to save time and money.

“Whether purposeful or not, many of the decisions that BP, Halliburton, and Transocean made that increased the risk of the Macondo blowout clearly saved those companies significant time (and money),” the report said.

Continue reading at:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/jan/06/bp-oil-spill-deepwater-horizon

MPs publish report on lessons from BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster

Tim Webb
The Guardian, Thursday 6 January 2011

British taxpayers could end up footing the clean-up bill from any major oil spill in UK waters because current rules allow companies to dodge their environmental responsibilities, according to MPs investigating BP‘s Gulf of Mexico disaster.

And the government ought to require companies to prove that they can pay out billions of pounds in clean-up costs before they are granted exploration and production licences, recommends the committee’s final report, which is published today.

It also points to “serious doubts” over whether companies’ plans to respond to spills – by capping leaking wells and skimming oil from the sea surface – would work in the rough Atlantic waters off the west coast of Shetland. The report points to the “limitations” of the computer modelling used by oil companies to predict the long-term effects of spills at sea. The Guardian has obtained documents relating to the oil spill response plan of US company Chevron which, in October, was given consent to drill off Shetland. It showed that its modelling software could not simulate spills lasting more than 14 days without crashing. The Gulf of Mexico spill lasted almost three months.

Continue reading at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/jan/06/oil-oil

Now I find this whole business just freaking charming in light of both the UG and British governments’ announcements of “austerity’ measures for the middle and working classes as well as the poor at the same time they are bailing out corporations that control the vast percentage of wealth in the world with money they are stealing from the “little people”.

Maybe it is time working people started waging some serious class war at the ballot boxes and elected some representitives that would regulate the corporations and level out the distribution of the wealth.

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