Transocean refuses to co-operate with oil spill probe

In yet another act of contempt that serves to show why corporations should not be treated as people, Transoceanic, the owner of the oil rig that exploded in the Gulf last spring is refusing to honor subpoenas that would require it to testify before investigative boards.

Perhaps they should arrest the CEO and all involved and charge them with contempt.  You know the way they treated left wing dissenters in the 1950s.

From Raw Story:

By The Associated Press
Thursday, December 30th, 2010 — 5:34 pm

The owner of the rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico is refusing to honor subpoenas from a federal board that has challenged the company’s involvement in monitoring the testing of a key piece of equipment that failed to stop the oil spill disaster.

Transocean said the U.S. Chemical Safety Board does not have jurisdiction in the probe, so it doesn’t have a right to the documents and other items it seeks. The board told The Associated Press late Wednesday that it does have jurisdiction and it has asked the Justice Department to intervene to enforce the subpoenas.

Last week, the board demanded that the testing of the failed blowout preventer stop until Transocean and Cameron International are removed from any hands-on role in the examination. It said it’s a conflict of interest. The request is pending.

Testing at a NASA facility in New Orleans is on hold for the holidays anyway and isn’t expected to resume until Jan. 10, according to officials monitoring the tests and a status update distributed to interested parties.

Besides documents, the board said Transocean has also denied it access to witnesses — specifically a half-dozen of the rig company’s employees the board wants to question.

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