New Orleans Fire Kills 8 Homeless Youths

I used to see the homeless kids of Hollywood who squatted the abandoned buildings damaged in the LA quake of 1994.  brutal lives of kids who were throwaways and runaways.

I reiterate, “No one in this fucking country should be able to own a multi-million dollar home while people are dying of exposure on the streets or in squats.

We need cheap, even free housing for the homeless, with things like phones and utilities so they don’t wind up dying in the streets.

From The Axis of Logic:

The New Orleans fire and the conditions of youth in America

By Kate Randall
Thursday, Dec 30, 2010

30 December 2010

Five young men and three young women perished in a fire in an abandoned warehouse early Tuesday morning in New Orleans after lighting a fire to keep warm in the freezing temperatures. Flames engulfed the structure. Before firefighters could extinguish the blaze they were all dead, their bodies burned beyond recognition.

“They were all amazing, beautiful, accomplished people,” Audrey Bean, 19, told the local Times-Picayune. Her friend, Gwendolyn Faye, 19, said the group had turned the warehouse—which had no utilities—into a home, with beds and cooking facilities. Rachel Park, 27, said those who died were artists, welders, musicians; some had plans to open a bicycle collective.

The deadly blaze—the worst in New Orleans in almost four decades—was one of six such fires across the metropolitan area that night. It serves as a grim exposure of the worsening plight of the homeless, and of the desperate conditions facing young people in particular.

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