Some of the Things We (LGBT/TQ People) are Supposed to want Seem Really Reactionary

As a working class, left wing hippie lesbian who was born with transsexualism I sometimes feel like many of the things I am (according to “the community”) supposed to be fighting for are kind of irrelevant to me and people like me.

It is as though a group of privileged people whose sole axis of oppression is based on their being saddled with one of the classifications found in the queer alphabet soup.  Were it not for having one of those lavender letters attached to them they would be indistinguishable from straights.

Yes LGBT/TQ people should be able to serve in the military. But I’m opposed to the imperialistic wars of conquest and exploitation that the US military regularly engages in, therefore any “rah-rah” on my part is sort of apathetic. I find myself hoping that perhaps an LGBT/TQ presence in the military will put the brakes on gratuitous violence towards the LGBT/TQ people in the countries we are invading.

What would Harry Hay think about this one?

It sort of feels like fighting  over scraps on the garbage pile of a rapidly declining Empire.

That’s one of the big problems with the Trans-inclusive ENDA.  It will help the upper classes of the LGBT/TQ communities, but they were often already protected by inclusive corporate non-discrimination policies. So many TS/TG people are unemployable for factors other than their being TS/TG. Age, appearance, lack of training and now for not having a job to look for employment from.

There is a name for the jobs available to those below the professional class, McJobs. They require long hours standing on concrete floors taking arbitrary and often illogical orders from above while getting abused by customers.  These jobs often involve working random days making it hard to have a second job which one often needs since one of these McJobs is rarely full time and even more rarely pays a living wage.

Notice I didn’t mention benefits?  That because these jobs don’t have them.  No health care, no paid sick leave, no paid holidays, and no paid vacation.  But you will have to submit to drug testing and bring a note from the doctor if you happen to call in sick because you feel like crap and can’t work that day.

There are people in these jobs with college degrees.  People who have worked in management and professional careers.  Baristas with advanced degrees.

Yeah a McJob is safer and depending on your current point of view less degrading than sex work.

But that isn’t saying much.

Indeed it is just wanting to be part of something that structurally sucks.

Pity considering all the energy we are putting into being in the same sucky shit job as straights.

I remember a time in the past when the government actually helped workers get training that would give them a decent job.

But those jobs have GATT/NAFTA/CAFTA Free Market, out sourced to other countries where workers are paid almost nothing.

I smiled when I saw LGBT/TQ anarchists among the Black Blocs in Toronto this last summer.

Because it showed a unity of students and working people fighting for a decent piece of the pie instead of the crumbs that fall to the floor from rich folks plates.

Issues like access to a living income and full health coverage for all seem like a bigger and more important goal than insuring the job safety of a few.

While I supported those fighting to end DADT, now that the battle has been won I still think joining the military to go murder people to promote the interests of the corporations is pretty fucked up.

The US has a history of supporting right wing genocide just as long as the right wing dictators provide access to their resources and their people as slave labor for our corporations to use.  at the same time we regularly overthrow the elected left wing leaders of nations who are less friendly towards being raped by our corporations. (See the history of Indonesia for the former and Chile for the later. Or Venezuela under Chavez)

And marriage equality seems like a good idea until you look at Bridezilla and all the oppressive expensive crap that the seems standard fare of the wedding industry.

Me I just want to go sign a piece of paper, a contract really without any sort of magic rite performed over my signing it.

Hell I’d be more inclined to push and work hard for the recognition of equal rights for unmarried couples.  Like if you live together more than a year you are married.  Or if you publicly say you are a couple then you are a couple.

Why does every freaking aspect of our lives have to be an opportunity for some damned company to enhance its cash flow by marketing us very expensive goods and services?

I personally would rather contribute the money to save the wolves than buy a  Vera Wang wedding dress.

I guess I’m not a very good member of any of the LGBT/TQ communities.  I’m not all that big on lesbian bars, I don’t play soft ball and most things trans tend to bore me to tears.

Tina and I have music we like from a wide variety of genres.  Movies we like and a love of art museums.

I tend think I’m a lot more like a left wing hippie, who has a same sex partner and had an operation a long time ago, than part of some sort of community.  A community that often times feels more like an artificial marketing demographic than a real community.

Identity politics seems to be a way of separating people from others, who often share the same problems.  Being a person with a McJob, that doesn’t pay a living wage or provide  health insurance can be a greater source of common ground than sharing one of those initials of the queer alphabet.  Especially if the other person is tenured professor.

But the way LGBT/TQ Inc is structured we are supposed to share greater common cause with the Yuppie LGBT/TQ person than our fellow McJobs workers.

Don’t get me started about Log Cabin Republi-Nazi Scum, or the LGBT/TQ people who vote Republican and then parrot the line about being “fiscal conservatives against big government”.

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  1. quenyar Says:

    I agree 110% with what you are saying. It is just exactly what Martin Luther King was saying in the last years of his life, which is exactly why he was assassinated. It was fine when he was just working for civil rights for colored people, but when he started embracing all the people and talking about a need to change the focus of a nation gone seriously wrong, a nation that was harming generations of its people for the profit of a tiny minority, he had to be silenced.

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