Pope Ratzi Says Sex Scandal Has Hit Unimaginable Dimension

From The New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/21/world/europe/21pope.html?ref=romancatholicchurchsexabusecases

Published: December 20, 2010

ROME — Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that the continuing sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church had reached a “degree we could not have imagined” this year, and that the church must reflect on its failures, help the victims and prevent abusers from becoming priests.

“We must ask ourselves what we can do to repair as much as possible the injustice that has occurred,” the pope said in a pointed Christmas message to the Vatican hierarchy. “We must ask ourselves what was wrong in our proclamation, in our whole way of living the Christian life, to allow such a thing to happen.”

In recent months, investigations in Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have found that clerics had sexually abused children in the past and that the church hierarchy had often covered up the abuse.

Victims have accused the Vatican of not acting decisively and swiftly enough to discipline errant priests and of using complex bureaucracy and uneven application of church law to protect priests over children.

This month, the Vatican published a letter from 1988 that it said showed that Benedict, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office in charge of handling abuse, had sought ways for swifter punishment for errant priests. At the time, he was unsuccessful.

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I just love how the reporter is an apologist for Ratzi.

Pity SPLC missed Bill Donohue’s Catholic League when they were putting together their list of faith based hate groups.

3 Responses to “Pope Ratzi Says Sex Scandal Has Hit Unimaginable Dimension”

  1. quenyar Says:

    This from the man who was, for a time, principally responsible for keeping the cover-up going at full steam. Never liked that man.

  2. Andrea B Says:

    The sooner Joe Ratzinger and all of his cardinals are arrested and tried in the International Court of Justice for systematically organising and covering up the rape of children on a planetary scale, the better.

    Also the recognition of the Vatican State is an illegal act which should also be dealt with in a criminal court. The Vatican State was made a state by Mussolini in breach of Italian law. The recognition of the Vatican state is support for Mussolini’s policies.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    For centuries The Roman Catholic Church has been an arm of Government. It has untold wealth, a corrupt bank, a “country”, and supports the status quo. Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, etc., are used to “keep a lid on” unrest among the serfs.

    We will only bring down the church when it either no longer serves the interests of the state, or when the state itself is changed.

    I do not think any international court would dare arrest and try papa Joe and his henchmen — that’s how bad things are today.

    What is it the set upon students yelled at Prince Whoever and Lady Whatever just recently? Was it “off with their heads”? I heard that before — somewhere.

    Interesting concept.

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