56 percent of bankers say bonuses ‘not enough’

Break out the world’s tiniest violin and play a sad song for the MOTU Greed Pigs

Here’s a suggestion no bonuses for any one making more than five times the lowest paid employee and distribution of the bonuses to those below middle management who do the real work.

From Raw Story:  http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/12/bankers-bonuses-not-enough/

By Daniel Tencer
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 — 8:44 pm

Men 24 times more likely than women to feel bonuses ‘unfair’

Wall Street’s five biggest banks had a banner year in 2010, racking up their second-highest revenues on record, and to celebrate they put aside some $90 billion for year-end bonuses. But an informal poll suggests that more than half of the people receiving those bonuses feel they aren’t getting enough.

Vanity Fair‘s Foster Kamer went to Wall Street and carried out an informal poll asking bank employees how they felt about their bonuses. He found that, of the 98 people surveyed, 56 percent said their bonuses were “not enough.”

Sixty-one percent of those polled said they received a bonus this year, while 39 percent said they didn’t. Even if all the respondents who didn’t get a bonus were among those who wanted more, that still leaves about one-third of those with bonuses wanting more.

“Of the 61 percent who said they received a bonus, 85 percent were men — and just 15 percent were women. And we really tried to talk to women,” Kamer writes.

But since only 17 of the 98 people surveyed were women, that statistic indicates a general lack of women on Wall Street more than it suggests discrimination in bonus payments. Kamer notes that men were “6.75 percent more likely” to get a bonus than female employees.

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Keep rubbing our noses in the shit you created and we might forget you are the Masters of the Universe

2 Responses to “56 percent of bankers say bonuses ‘not enough’”

  1. quenyar Says:

    As Michael Parenti said, “It’s not difficult to understand what the ruling class wants, they want it all: all of the power, none of the responsibilities, all of the profit, none of the costs, all the choices, and none of the obligations. And they work diligently to get these things.”

  2. Andrea B Says:

    This is what I really think should happen to those criminals responsible for destroying all of the western economies, such as bankers, legal representatives, politicians and media pundits who support them.

    I really think people should call for the people responsible for this to have done to them.

    1. Destroy there birth certificate.

    2. Seize there bank accounts and then delete the records of any bank transaction.

    3. Delete all school and academic records.

    4. Seize all there assets of any description, deleting any connection to the criminals name.

    5. Delete there tax numbers and records.

    6. Delete all there healthcare records, insurance and access to healthcare.

    7. Remove there citizenship.

    8. Then put them on a plane to the worst hellhole possible, such as Afghanistan, Somalia, etc. Once they get of the plane, cancel there passport and list it as a false passport used by a terrorist for terrorist purposes.

    9. Make sure they can’t get back and are stranded, stateless, pennyless and on there own, with nothing but the clothes on there back.

    A very vindictive thing to do, I know. However they have done so much damage, particularly to the poorest and weakest in society, they would deserve it.

    That would send a message to future bankers, legal representatives, politicians, developers and other criminals, that fraud at such a level will never be tolerated again.

    Unfortunately none of the politicians in power or likely to be, would go for that as they always get there pockets lined by the fraudsters.

    I think the same should be done with all religeous nutters, politicians, psychiatrists, legal representatives, sociologists and psychologists who have profited from and support keeping transsexualism a mental disorder in any capacity.

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