Winter Solstice: The Real Reason for the Season

Last night’s full lunar eclipse was the first winter solstice full lunar eclipse since 1638.

Because they are seasonally linked as well as tied in with the natural relationships with the earth and the sun I sort of like pagan placement of holidays.

What better things to celebrate than the turning of the seasons?

But back to the Winter Solstice and pagan cultures.

Christmas, despite Christian arguments to the contrary is a stolen holiday repurposed to suit the aims of an imperialistic blood thirsty, genocidal religion.

Indeed Wikipedia gives a list of all sorts of different culture’s solstice fests and celebrations:

Even many of the things most commonly associated with the Christian solstice celebration have origins in cultures they destroyed.

As has been pointed out by many the entire actual history of the life of Jesus is sketchy at best and events attributed to his birth and time of birth are far more difficult to locate.

But there is general agreement among many scholars that given other events supposedly taking place the likelihood of Jesus being born on December 25 is very slim.

But there is a near universal celebration of the Winter Solstice, as the most important day of the year as it marked (at least in the northern hemisphere) the shortest day of the year. End of the old and start of the new.

So important that the newly emerging Christianity had to appropriate and repurpose it while incorporating the elements of the European cultures they were destroying.

Happy Solstice

And for the Wiccans and Pagans

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  1. quenyar Says:

    “incorporating the elements of the European cultures they were destroying.” might just be a bit heavy handed. Christianity is not The BORG. There is quite a bit of Western Civilization that is good and quite a bit of that owes something to Christianity – just ask Kenneth Clark. Is it a mixed blessing? Certainly. Is it an expression of ultimate evil, probably not. Neither is Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism. Nor are they the crowing glory of humanity. Chill out.

    • Suzan Says:

      You are a guest here….

      You do not get to tell me to “chill out”.

      BTW this is an Atheist Blog and is strongly anti-religion.

  2. Andrea B Says:

    Yesterday morning, I had a winter breakfast picnic at minus 14 with my friends to watch the eclipse. I hope the pictures my friend took, come out well.

    Yesterday evening, I met up with some of my Vikingar, Celtic and Slavic re-enactor friends for a few drinks and a bit of a feast. I know them through my handicraft hobby, with leather, metal working and carving.

    I thought the cold would dim everyone’s good time, but on the contrary it made it even more fun. We had a great time.

    My Iraqi classmate, brought her husband and children. She is a devout christian follower of some sort of John the Baptist thing. Her children had a great time with the snowman we built and being pulled around on plastic sledges by a couple of my friends dressed as Vikings, which was a funny sight.

    Most of my friends brought there kids who really enjoyed it.

    My friend who also practises ancient calligraphy (as in book of Kells type work) could barely work with me due to laughing at my trying to get the cooked pig onto a 1 meter paella tray for carving. He is teaching me calligraphy and stone carving. His daughter could hardly breathe with laughter at our antics.

    Due to the lack of judeo-christian-islamic-satanist religeous lunacy we had a very diverse crowd. I thought about it afterwards and there was mostly aethist, a few pagans, but also jewish, muslim and a couple of christians.

    It genuinely was a good time and the constant flow of laughter from the children, proved that.

    @ quenyar,

    If you have a need to support the judeo-christian-islamic-satanist ideologies of anti-science, hatred, mysogny and death worship, that is your personal problem.

    The judeo-christian-islamic-satanist ideologies were imposed in Europe at the point of a sword, killing millions. The Northern Crusades killed more in a few decades than the entire Middle Eastern Crusades and Jihads combined. Saxony was close to exterminated, as was what is now Northern Germany, Northern Scandinavia, Czech republic, Poland, Lithuanian and Estonia. All regileous and spiritual sites were levelled, burn’t and quite a few had churches built on them, such as Lund Cathedral.

    Your judeo-christian-islamic-satanist ideologies have led to paedophilia on an industrial scale, such as in Ireland.

    The judeo-christian-islamic-satanist ideologies bled Ireland dry of money from ordinary peole for 1500 years, giving the paeophiles a standard of living equal to that and on occassion beyond that of princes.

    Regarding xmas. Jesus Christ was supposed to have been born around the Passover. The passover is around the end of march to mid april.

    I have read the Bible, Tora and Quran, which is why I became an aethesist, as I object to wholesale slaughter, slavery, genocide, paedophilia, murder, mass rape, incest, etc, from any ideology for any reason.

    The catholic church at various times claimed dates of birth for JC for a total of 365 days of the year, depending on which congregation they were talking to, until they standardised it on top of Jul to assist in asbsorbing European tradition and replacing it with Middle Eastern judeo-christian-islamic-satanist Ideology.

    The judeo-christian-islamic-satanist ideologies are about worshipping death and hatred, instead of living life and advancing society.

  3. quenyar Says:

    Since you addressed me, I’ll reply. I don’t mean to be confrontational, but when I see someone taking themselves so seriously, my natural reaction is to tell them to lighten up.

    Much of the crimes against humanity you write about are crimes of capitalism, not crimes of religion. Of course, there are many churches that act capitalistic, despite their Christian rhetoric to the contrary during holidays.

    And I don’t disagree with you, mostly, Suzan. I think in person we’d have a lot of fun and laughter. I think in print we have gotten off on the wrong foot. Can we call it Pax?

    • Suzan Says:

      There is a reason why Denis Diderot wrote, “Mankind will only be fre when the last royal is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.

      Religion is a tool of oppression, particularly misogyny. It uses an invisible, imaginary bully in the sky just as the rich use armies to enforce its oppression.

      BTW I am also a left wing/anarchist who some have described as a neo-Leninist because I believe Marxist economics provide a better analysis of how things work than the Free trader Ayn Randites.

  4. quenyar Says:

    People starve if taxes eat their grain,
    And the faults of starving people
    Are the faults of their rulers.
    That is why people rebel.

    People who have to fight for their living
    And are not afraid to die for it
    Are higher people that those who, though stationed high,
    Are too fat to dare to die.

    Lao Tzu

    I am not normally a religious apologist, but I think you have not convinced someone because you have silenced them.

    Jesus and Noam Chomksy both share a belief in universality, let us hope that Chomsky’s disciples don’t get so far off base as Jesus’ did after he’s dead.

    • Suzan Says:

      Today the top 10% of the economic class system control something like 60% of the wealth.
      The next 20% control another 20%
      That leaves just 20% for the bottom 70% of the population.
      Fortunately in the US we are armed to the teeth, unfortunately most people are Rush the limp dick drug addict or glen “tears of Niobe” Beck followers.

      Me? I sit here wondering why Class War is okay for the rich and not for the poor.

      The big difference between Chomsky and Jesus is there is an actual historical record of the existence of Chomsky written contemporaneously with his existence. Jesus there is a bunch of incongruous mythology written years later and finally codified at Nicaea by people looking to use this mythology as a means of control to replace the increasingly useless legions.

  5. quenyar Says:

    I agree with everything you said, except about Chomsky and Jesus. The former is a really nice man and one many people could do well to emulate, but he is also a mythical figure to many people. Trouble is there’s all kinds of contemporary documentary evidence for Chomsky. Try looking him up on conservapedia for example (where he is described as a propagandist(!) – for some reason Jesus is not described as a propagandist in that eminent work of fiction). Some people imbue Chomsky with super-human intelligence and abilities, while others castigate him for his faults and failings. In this, his myth is very Jesus-like.

    I was unaware that Mr. Beck (Glenn) was a scholar of the classics. It would surprise me no end to discover that his simian disciples could correctly identify either Hamlet’s author or Niobe’s husband, her tears notwithstanding.

  6. quenyar Says:

    This is fun, but can I continue this offline? My ____ Did you see that the CIA program to “investigate” Wikileaks has been officially called the “WTF” (Wikileaks Task Force)

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