Dietary Advice from Caribou Barbie, The Poseur Who Can’t Shoot Straight

What is with Republi-Nazis, Confederate Loving Racists and Brainless Plastic Women with all the intelligence  one more commonly associates with a Jerry Springer show than with the sort of people we should trust to govern the nation?

What’s with South Carolina celebrating the hundred and fiftieth year anniversary of it act of treason?

Or Haley Barbour’s revisionist history of the role of the white yahoos of Yazoo?

Or Tom Coburn spitting on the 9/11 heroes?

It is so totally weird.

If something might be good for the common working people of this country, the Republicans are against it.

They believe with zero physical evidence in an invisible magic sky daddy, yet think there isn’t enough evidence that climate change and peak oil are serious enough we should perhaps consider taking some sort of action.

When that denial of climate change is questioned they cite the Bible as an infallible source. “God promised Noah blah, blah, blah..”  First of all The bible is a book of mythology from the minds of a bunch of Middle Eastern goat ropers, secondly there are fossils and other physical evidence that the planet has been around for a whole lot longer than 6000 fucking years.

I realize I’m riffing a bit here but stay with me because I’ll work my way back to the the chorus and main theme eventually…

Last night after checking out the lunar eclipse Tina and I were channel surfing the world of cable dross looking for a nugget of wisdom or a flashy bit of CGI ultra violence to match the absurdity of the news we had watched earlier when we stumble on a show with one of our favorite comedians, Ricky Gervais.

Lately we have been hit with an infestation of Rapture Bunny sponsored Creation Museums spring up to spread ignorance and conservative stupidity to impressionable minds.  In all honesty these places should be treated like porno palaces with no admittance to anyone under 21.

Until recently I worked in a big box store where I initially worked  cooking and passing out food samples on a cart.  One of the over educated and under-employed stuck in part time hell creating surplus value for the corporate overlords.

I think, therefore this was not a good fit.  I can also read big words without moving my lips. I’m also sort of a sarcastic old woman with tendency to want to say what I am thinking.

One thing that blew my mind was all the people on motorized trikes paid for by Medicare and on SSI/Social Security bad mouthing “Big Government” WTF?  What’s that one about.

Obesity and all sorts of health problems related to eating totally fucked up processed garbage full of sodium, high fructose corn syrup, sugar and all sorts of fat not to mention chemicals with names that cause me to move my lips when I try to read them fill the shelves of markets.

I used live in Berkeley, I’m a hippie.  I’m not a vegan, I’m not even a total health food fanatic.

But I read enough to know what sort of stuff is totally bad for you.  I know that if you have diabetes, hypertension, super high cholesterol or are so obese  you can no longer walk maybe that should be a sign that reading labels and opting for the healthier choices might be an intelligent course of action.

But no!  I mean, “WTF, WTF?

I have these people who are text book examples of the results of poor dietary habits look at me and say stuff like. “It can’t taste any good without transfats.”  Oh I don’t like organic food, it’s socialist.”  Or “If it’s healthy it can’t taste any good.”

Reality was I felt guilty selling half the stuff I was trying to get people to buy.  But I couldn’t say, “I wouldn’t eat that garbage if you paid me.”  You see I am in the same basic physical shape they were with a difference I didn’t have health care.  I’m trying to keep alive until 65 and Medicare.

This brings us back to Caribou Barbie, the poseur who can’t shoot straight.

Tina and I are sport shooters, mostly hand guns, mostly 9mm.  When we can afford to we go to one of a couple indoor ranges and kill paper.  We’re actually pretty good for old women.  Seniors are in a different class because age brings infirmities  vision and hand strength.

We are not hunters. But we know that before you go out hunting it is a good idea to know how to use the gun you are hunting with.  That means practicing before hand.  It is very bad form to wound an animal the way Caribou Barbie did.

She is not some one who should be considered an authority on anything and she lies constantly.

Which brings me to her latest bullshit antic:

From Huffington Post:

Sarah Palin Jabs Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign With S’mores

Nick Wing First Posted:

12-20-10 10:09

Sarah Palin took a shot at Michelle Obama during Sunday’s episode of her reality TV show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” jabbing the first lady’s anti-obesity campaign for attempting to deprive Americans of dessert.

While searching for s’mores ingredients on a family camping trip, Palin remarked:

“Where are the s’mores ingredients? This is in honor of Michelle Obama, who said the other day we should not have dessert.”

Michelle Obama has been a key proponent of an initiative to improve children’s health by encouraging better diets and sufficient exercise. In May she announced her “Let’s Move” program, which promoted dessert alternatives, among other dietary suggestions.

The Associated Press reported at the time:

One in 3 American children is overweight or obese, putting them at higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other illnesses. Obesity is even more prevalent among black and Hispanic children. Some public health experts say today’s children are on track to live shorter lives than their parents.But Palin has maintained that Obama’s effort to combat child obesity — which was recently aided by the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act — is one that seeks to take away “God-given rights to make our own decisions.” Some have since slammed that comment as Palin’s demanding that Americans cling to their “God-Given right to be fat.”

Continue reading at:

It is like Republicans, Christians and the right wing Conservatives are pure evil and the cause of problems while never embracing anything that might make the world a better place.  They denigrate the efforts of anyone who cares about ordinary people or tries to offer any sorts of solutions that might make the world a better place to live.

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  1. Andrea B Says:

    We really need Spitting image to be brought back to our screens to show Sarah Palin for the mockery she really is.

    I can not watch her without laughing. She actually is really entertaining in that way.

    Thing is.

    She is not fit to be in office in any capacity. She is a deranged rapture bunny who would probably press the button to bring on the rapture, leaving earth to the cockroaches.

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