South Carolina’s Day of Eternal Shame

One hundred and fifty years ago today, South Carolina, in an act of treason and hatred of America, declared secession from the United States.

They did so out of  racism and in support of the vile and evil institution of human slavery.

Today those same hateful bigots continue to spew their various forms of bigotry and hatred.

We should always remember that Confederate heritage is one of racism and bigotry, especially if someone from the former Confederacy opens their trap and pontificates about:  “States Rights, Government Interference, God’s Will, The War of Northern Aggression or any other fill of bullshit lies about the  ‘noble cause'”.

Their noble cause was slavery.  The abominable racist oppression of people brought here from Africa, chained together in the holds of slave ships.

Anyone celebrating this day as anything other than one of those horrible days of infamy that occur throughout history should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  What they are celebrating is damnable act of treason.

3 Responses to “South Carolina’s Day of Eternal Shame”

  1. DaisyDeadhead Says:

    Well, I managed to reclaim Confederate Memorial Day
    … but this one? No. Can’t think of a way to co-opt it for my own usages, but working on it!

  2. Suzan Says:

    There were a whole lot of deserters on both sides, but particularly on the part of those in the south.

    Better supported war effort on the part of the northern farms and no blockade meant not only a much better equipped army but a better fed home front.

    I grew up about 40-50 miles from where John Brown’s bones lie moldering in the grave.

    In the 60s a lot of us looked to him as a real hero in the struggle to end the evil institution of slavery. There was a lot of abolitionist activity in northern New York and Vermont and lots of volunteers.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    Every time I hear “War Of Northern Aggression” I want to get sick. How about, “War Of Southern Treason” — that’s more accurate.

    In addition, the war was VERY unpopular among many, many, folks on both sides. Though desertion was huge, there were more deserters among the southern troops.

    The movie, “Cold Mountain” was more accurate than many want to believe.

    Much of the glorification of the war on the part of “The South” is revisionist history of the first order.

    Myth, racism, hatred of “city people”, and an attempt to cast this war for slavery as somehow “glorious” has just added to thr sectarian hatred in the USA.

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