South Carolina’s Day of Eternal Shame

One hundred and fifty years ago today, South Carolina, in an act of treason and hatred of America, declared secession from the United States.

They did so out of  racism and in support of the vile and evil institution of human slavery.

Today those same hateful bigots continue to spew their various forms of bigotry and hatred.

We should always remember that Confederate heritage is one of racism and bigotry, especially if someone from the former Confederacy opens their trap and pontificates about:  “States Rights, Government Interference, God’s Will, The War of Northern Aggression or any other fill of bullshit lies about the  ‘noble cause'”.

Their noble cause was slavery.  The abominable racist oppression of people brought here from Africa, chained together in the holds of slave ships.

Anyone celebrating this day as anything other than one of those horrible days of infamy that occur throughout history should be deeply ashamed of themselves.  What they are celebrating is damnable act of treason.

Repression of Italian student protests: The specter of a police-state

From World Socialist Web Site:

By Marc Wells
20 December 2010

Protests against education “reform” and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government last Tuesday in Rome were met with brutal force by Italian police and paramilitary units.

The protest was part of broad opposition that has arisen to the right-wing policies of the Berlusconi government, which the same day managed to survive, by a small margin, a vote of confidence in Italy’s parliament. The latter result surprised and frustrated those who had taken to the streets to celebrate the unpopular government’s demise.

Rome became the scene Tuesday of tension, anger and violent confrontations. A striking aspect of the events was the overwhelming use of force against youth (see videos below). This was not the result of the actions of a few “bad apples” among the police, but the product of policies that have characterized the last two decades, as Italy has entered an intense stage of socio-economic crisis.

In a few hours, 100 people were hurt and 41 held, 23 of whom were arrested. The prosecutor’s office has scheduled against those detained what is known as a “processo per direttissima”—an extraordinary criminal trial procedure used in case of arrest for a flagrant crime or confession, which consists of an accelerated procedure. Certain preliminary stages (such as aspects of investigation) are skipped over, justified by what is considered powerful evidence. Often, a judge decides upon a sentence and penalty almost immediately.

The use of this speeded-up type of criminal procedure against protesters is an attack on democratic rights and a step toward making political opposition illegal.

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Weighing Costs, Companies Favor Temporary Help

Weighing costs?

A phrase in need of a subtextual reading that almost requires at least a smattering of Marxist theory [from Wikipedia]

Imagine a worker who is hired for an hour and paid $10. Once in the capitalist’s employ, the capitalist can have him operate a boot-making machine using which the worker produces $10 worth of work every fifteen minutes. Every hour, the capitalist receives $40 worth of work and only pays the worker $10, capturing the remaining $30 which, after deduction of costs (the leather, depreciation of the machine, etc.) leaves a residual, i.e. surplus value or profit.

The worker cannot capture this benefit directly because he has no claim to the means of production (e.g. the boot-making machine) or to its products, and his capacity to bargain over wages is restricted by laws and the supply/demand for wage labor. Hence the rise of trade unions which aim to create a more favorable bargaining position through collective action by workers.

A more honest headline would read, “In order to maximize profits, companies exploit workers by using benefitless temporaries”

You are not really employed if you are a temporary.  Or if you are part-time.

Part time and temporary workers are yet another way the super rich maximize the amount of money going into their unproductive pockets from the labor of people who actually produce the wealth.

From Today”s New York Times:

Published: December 19, 2010

Temporary workers are starting to look, well, not so temporary.

Despite a surge this year in short-term hiring, many American businesses are still skittish about making those jobs permanent, raising concerns among workers and some labor experts that temporary employees will become a larger, more entrenched part of the work force.

This is bad news for the nation’s workers, who are already facing one of the bleakest labor markets in recent history. Temporary employees generally receive fewer benefits or none at all, and have virtually no job security. It is harder for them to save. And it is much more difficult for them to develop a career arc while hopping from boss to boss.

“We’re in a period where uncertainty seems to be going on forever,” said David Autor, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “So this period of temporary employment seems to be going on forever.”

This year, companies have hired temporary workers in significant numbers. In November, they accounted for 80 percent of the 50,000 jobs added by private sector employers, according to the Labor Department. Since the beginning of the year, employers have added a net 307,000 temporary workers, more than a quarter of the 1.17 million private sector jobs added in total.

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There is another right wing lie that is exposed here.  the one about private sector job creation and the tax cuts.  The lying shits weren’t creating jobs when they had the tax cuts and they won’t start creating them.

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