America ready for gay president, Jimmy Carter says

Never mind the fact we have quite probably already had a gay President, when are we going to get a female one?

Yeah, it’s neat Obama is the first Black President, but he is male and the product of a highly privileged elite education. That sort of makes him the same as the rest of them.

Of courst there are a whole bunch of different men who could be the first _____ male President.

What about a woman? If we started alternating we could see a greater equality of representation of the sexes.

From Raw Story:

By Eric W. Dolan
Thursday, December 16th, 2010 — 10:06 am

The United States has grown tolerant enough to elect a gay president in the near future, according to former President Jimmy Carter, a Nobel Laureate

“Well, I think the entire population of America has come tremendous strides forward in dealing with the issue of gays,” Carter told BigThink.

Carter said he doesn’t expect a gay candidate to run in the 2012 presidential election, but thinks it will be possible “in the near future.”

“Because step-by-step we have realized that this issue of homosexuality has the same adverse and progressive elements as when we dealt with the race issue 50 years ago or 40 years ago,” he added. “So I would say that the country is getting acclimated to a President who might be female, who might obviously, now be black and who might be as well, a gay person.”

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In France, Civil Unions Gain Favor Over Marriage

For heterosexual couples….

From The New York Times:



PARIS — Some are divorced and disenchanted with marriage; others are young couples ideologically opposed to marriage, but eager to lighten their tax burdens. Many are lovers not quite ready for old-fashioned matrimony.

Whatever their reasons, and they vary widely, French couples are increasingly shunning traditional marriages and opting instead for civil unions, to the point that there are now two civil unions for every three marriages.

When France created its system of civil unions in 1999, it was heralded as a revolution in gay rights, a relationship almost like marriage, but not quite. No one, though, anticipated how many couples would make use of the new law. Nor was it predicted that by 2009, the overwhelming majority of civil unions would be between straight couples.

It remains unclear whether the idea of a civil union, called a pacte civil de solidarité, or PACS, has responded to a shift in social attitudes or caused one. But it has proved remarkably well suited to France and its particularities about marriage, divorce, religion and taxes — and it can be dissolved with just a registered letter.

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Austin: Commission opposes ABIA body scanners

Having been in Austin with Tina the last couple of days, great museum (From Turner to Impressionism) groovy restaurants and a couple of ultra cool book stores (Monkey Wrench Books and Book Woman) all I can say is that Austin shatters any stereotypes regarding Texas one might have.

Parts of it seem more like Berkeley than Texas.  Great music scene, lots of long haired hippie folks riding bicycles etc.

If any place here will stand up in opposition to inane obtrusive invasions of personal space it will be people who have embraced the “Keep Austin Weird” ethos.

Americans used to believe in their constitutional rights to say no to stupid arbitrary rule including illegal search and seizure but now the right wing  has so destroyed those expectations that we have come to tolerate full blown torture of people like Bradley Manning.

From KXAN Austin News:
TSA hopeful scanners in place sometime in 2011

Published : Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010, 5:44 PM CST

Josh Hinkle

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin’s Airport Advisory Commission approved a resolution on Tuesday night advising the city council to oppose airport body scanners and invasive body searches.

The Transportation Security Administration said it is hopeful advanced imaging technology or “body scanners” will be in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport sometime next year. Already, March has been thrown out as a possibility, though the TSA said it would likely be late 2011 or even 2012.

“I think people in the United States area little bit spoiled, I think, to quick travel and having everything instantaneous,” said Paula Tye, on her way to a flight to Orlando.

Tye flies out of Austin on business every three weeks to many cities that already have body scanners for extra security. The TSA said 70 airports already have the devices.

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