Summers, Unapologetic To The Bitter End

Larry Summers is a misogynistic dickwad an free market pig who helped crash the world’s economy.

Oh, that he could be tried for crimes against humanity and receive the just punishment he so rightly deserves.

Instead he will go back to helping the rich elite pigs fuck over middle/working class America while the unemployed and under-employed proles struggle to survive in a world where many classes of people have 20-40 percent unemployment or under employment.

Perhaps he should follow the example set by Bernie Madoff’s son.

Fuck you, Larry Summers, have an unhappy life…

From Huffington Post:

Dan Froomkin
Updated: 12-13-10 01:15 PM

In his final public remarks as head of President Obama’s National Economic Council on Monday morning, Larry Summers had nothing bad to say about himself.

Summers shrugged off efforts by two reporters to get him to express regrets about his two-year tenure, during which big banks thrived, but ordinary Americans suffered.

“The president has said many, many times that none of us can rest or be satisfied with anything like the current level of joblessness, with anything like the income gap between what people could be earning and what they are earning,” Summers said at the liberal Economic Policy Institute, a somewhat unusual setting for his swan song.

Despite the preponderance of progressives in the audience, the passive conditional past subjunctive was about as close as Summers would come to saying he was sorry. “That’s where one would have liked to have seen more rapid progress,” he said.

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