Who Could Have Known? #1237

Who could have know Barrack Obama would completely betray his base?

Actually I was suspicious of Obama right from the start, as early as when there were some 8 candidates up there at the first debates. The people I liked most were at the opposite end of the political spectrum from neo-lib/neo-con Obama.  I loved Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich.  But the media wasted no time in telling us we couldn’t have either one of them even though they might actually represent the real American who work for a living instead of engaging in scams and high risk financial gambling.

But the money people, the media and the corporations decided we had to pick between Obama and Clinton.

I like Hillary.  Obama seemed hollow.  He was Ronnie Reagan only African American mouthing a whole bunch of meaningless platitudes and slogans just like Reagan did.

I look beyond images and parse word for meaning, I look for subtexts.

I voted for Hillary in the primary.  When he was the candidate I supported him and voted for him and felt betrayed by him ever since.

The day after he won election he started sucking up to the Republicans and the misogynistic big money pricks Summers, Geithner, and Paulson who got us in to this mess in the first place.

Now he is selling out his base once again.  Handouts to the ultra rich and austerity for the poor.

Actually people were warning us about him even when he was running in the primaries.

Tonight Keith Olbermann showed a clip of Tom Buffenbarger head of the Machinist’s Union, an AFL-CIO affiliate.

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