Transgender Kids Still At Risk

I recently came across this article in the Advocate and was further reminded of it again this morning by the e-letter sent out  by True Child
Transgender Kids Still At Risk

I recently penned an article for the homepage of The Advocate about kids who are still dying because of their gender identity or expression. Please click the link to read the full article online.

The nine recently reported suicides of boys savagely bullied at school have been rightly deemed tragedies — the outpouring of sympathy, outrage, and empathy from the LGBT and mainstream press, community, and leadership has brought the issue of teen suicide to national attention.

But in reading the blogs and watching the news reports, I couldn’t help but think about the untimely deaths of LGBT kids whose stories haven’t been heard. Imagine if those nine young people had been killed, violently, by their peers. It’s unthinkable. Then push further: Imagine the outrage and sadness if it had been not nine but a dozen. Not a dozen but two dozen. Not two dozen but three or four or five or six dozen dead kids.

A pointless exercise in unimaginable grief?

Not at all…

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Riki Wilchins

Director of Programs and Research

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