Obama Sells Out American Workers

I’m waiting until tomorrow when I have more information on this story.

But at this point I suggest people go read the several stories the last couple of days on Fire Dog Lake.

The one big lesson from the Clinton years is that the corporations are just well represented by the neo-lib right wing faction of the corporate party as they are by the neo-con ultra right wing.  Working people and the former middle class… Not so much.

It seems the corporation found there were actually a few manufacturing jobs left in the country so they sent their trade negotiator in chief, Obama to Korea to work out a deal for those jobs to be sent to Korea.

Cheap crap from China, not so cheap crap from Korea…

Pretty soon we can all work in big box stores or be baristas with advanced degrees.

Oh what a wonderful life in Amerikkka Mall selling each other mountains upon mountains of toys that we will need ever bigger houses and more storage space for.

And we shouldn’t even think about buying less because the entire economy is dependent on our consuming things on credit cards that we can’t afford.

After all from Reagan onward the whole Republican economic plan they call fiscal conservatism is based on borrow and spend while taking in less and less so that the consumers will continue to buy.

At some point we die of over consumption, like the people in that surreal French movie who ate and ate until they exploded.

Needless to say that most unions are less than thrilled with the prospect of a new NAFTA only this time with Korea.

Fuck Free Trade. Buy Local or Fair Trade.

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