Civil Unions Advance in Illinois

I think it is worthy to note that the Christo-Fascists complain every bit as loudly regarding Civil Unions as marriage equality.  They stand there sucking eggs or holding their breath until they turn blue and then throw a tantrum about how magic invisible sky daddy is telling them how mad he is.

The kicker is that if you claim to be a Christian and have invisible magic friend that talk to you you aren’t considered the least bit daft or touched in the head.

But if you are transsexual your condition is in the DSM and you have to have some paternalistic pseudo-doctor okay your getting treatment for your transsexualism/transgenderism.

And here’s the real kicker these ‘professionals” have the gall to say these sorts of diagnoses are scientific and not political.

From The New York Times:

Published: December 1, 2010

CHICAGO — Illinois lawmakers on Wednesday approved legislation allowing civil unions in this state, and the governor has indicated he will sign it, making Illinois one of only a handful of states to grant to same-sex couples a broad array of legal rights and responsibilities similar to those of marriage.

Advocates of the legislation, who had pressed the matter for years, pointed to the outcome as a sign that acceptance of gay men and lesbians is growing and not only on the coasts.

“Sober, clear-minded, cautious Midwesterners are taking this action,” said Rick Garcia of Equality Illinois, a gay-rights group.

Opponents complained about the timing of the vote (during a fall session before newly elected legislators arrive) and said they feared civil union legislation might ultimately harm the institution of marriage. “This will be the entry to a slippery slope,” Ron Stephens, a Republican state representative, said. “The next thing we’ll see will be consideration of gay marriage.”

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Oh and here’s the weakest of all arguments.  The slippery slope that could lead to perish the thought LGBT/TQ equality.

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  1. Emily Says:


    The other day, I read an article about Goodwill and their commendable efforts to furnish low-income transgendered people a way to furnish their wardrobe with very little money. I liked it so much that I put the article on my blog. Later on, as I was heading home, there was a poster for The Salvation/Nazi Army asking for donations for those have “found” the “right” (whatever the hell that means) clothing to wear.

    Please, if you are of means and have clothing and/or money to donate, give to Goodwill, NOT The Salvation/Nazi Army. It’s a much better charity.

    I would appreciate it if you read my blog, The blog is a virtual compendium of articles from newspapers, newsweeklies, and magazines, both popular and scholarly. The articles have a viewpoint toward transgender / transsexual news. If you like it, please put
    “Emily’s virtual rocket “under the title commonly called
    “Blogroll”. Thank you so much!



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